A Medicinal Menagerie

* I was compensated by the CHPA's Educational Foundation, KnowYourOTCs, but all opinions are my own.

Cancer sucks right? But part of my personality is to find the levity in all situations. so back when my mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer my brother and I joked that she should try medical marijuana to help her with pain. She was not amused and did not opt to try it out, even though we told her how Melissa Etheridge swore by humidifying with it. 
Fast forward a few years and my sister in love Mimi was also diagnosed with breast cancer, however, since then, California made marijuana legal, first medicinally and now recreation-ally and now there are bud shops all over so cal.

We did a ton of research and learned a lot about the soothing affects cannabis can have on cancer patients like Mimi so we asked if she wanted to get some and she said yeah.  But unlike some of her other family members she didn't want to smoke it. Instead she opted for hard and gummy candies. And later on, topical ointments.  They seemed to help ease her pain and appease her nausea so while we're huge advocates for those in need, we also want our kids to be safe if exposed to this new type of candy confusion. 

Living in California has afforded us some unique opportunities. Like that of voting on /for marijuana to be legalized. Which it now is after all these years. However in recent years the medical marijuana market has seen a huge boon. Not only in sales of the actual flower but in other ways to ingest the THC and get similar affects. Edibles have become a huge portion of that market. A popular way form of edibles are those in that look similar to favorite candies like gummy worms and peach rings. 

In my house it's also a huge concern to make it a point to let Baby Ninja know that Granna and Papa's medicines are NOT candy or even Vitamins no matter how much they may resemble their own. My father's recent stroke has only increased his pill intake and because his reach is limited he keeps them out "on display" making them a prime point of interest for Baby Ninja. Same thing goes for my mother-in-love, when she sleeps over she brings her meds with her and the tiny tin she keeps them is of definite interest to little hands. 

Did you know that approximately 60,000 kids go to the ER every year due to accidentally ingesting medicine. That's the equivalent of 4 bus loads of kids every single day. That sounds insane right?
Not only do we have to worry about candy confusion with OTC's, we now have to think about whether or not relatives might have edibles laying around. 

I don't judge anyone who gets down with a little weed, gummy or magical brownie. It's not my right to do so. Particularly if it's used for pain management. However, I do ask that if that's what you choose to do, just remember to be safe about it. Make sure your edibles are stashed way out of reach (and eye sight) of younger kids who may not know the difference.
Also - talk to your teenagers. This is something we've had to do with Sweet Pea, let her know that its not the 80's and people may not offer you a joint in the school parking lot, but they may offer you some 'candy' that is laced and you might not even know it. Don't randomly pick up candy at your aunt and uncles house's. It's not like when you were a kid and could go willy nilly into Auntie's purse and grab something. You never know what she might have in there.

If you think your kids or teen may have gotten into some questionable contraband, do not hesitate to call Poison Control and have the number stored in your phone (800-222-1222)   in case you happen to be at a family member's house when it happens. Shoot it doesn't even have to be YOUR kid, it could just be a family member! It's just better to be safe than sorry in this case. I worry about this because at family functions kids are often left to their own devices, playing with cousins while the adults socialize and who knows what that great uncle of yours has lying around ya know? 
So better safe than sorry right?

Have you ever had any experience with candy confusion? 


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