How VELCRO® Brand Products Saved Halloween

Halloween was last week and I was totally prepared until a family emergency took me away from my house and my weekend "plans". By the time Monday rolled around I had barely slept let alone finalized Sweet Pea's costume  when I suddenly remembered that Baby Ninja's get up was a tad too big. And while I could do something about the outfit by simply rolling the waist, the belt was another story. 

It already had an adjustable closure which was awesome but it wasn't long enough for what I needed and because the clock to trick or treat was ticking like crazy, I had to get creative. And I was adamant about not cutting any part of it. 
Enter the VELCRO® Brand Products swag I scored at BlogHer this past August! I just KNEW there was something in that pouch that would help me solve my dilemma. I also didn't want to hot glue any thing to the belt either lest, I was stuck with that as he grew larger. And we all know that the test of a good Halloween costume is how many times they wear it before and after the holiday. Last year's Optimus Prime was only recently retired and simply because it was just too too short.

But lucky for me, there were these cool One-Wrap Ties inside my little bag. And once again I thanked my chatty self for stopping by the VELCRO® Brand booth a second time to get more information (and a few more samples). Granted, they are supposed to be used for cable management and I totally plan on doing that, but let me just tell you, they worked like a dream. I absolutely felt like MacGyver Mama while I tested out my creation. 

It totally worked! I'm happy to report the belt stayed put all night, through running up and down the street and some serious super Baby Ninja moves! It was such a relief after a hectic weekend to have one less thing to worry about and just let the kids enjoy their candy and silly fun.

Sometime's a mama's gotta get creative and it doesn't always have to involve hours lost on Pinterest to do it! 

Have you ever had to MacGyver something as a mama?

*this post is NOT sponsored but part of #Nablopomo and I simply wanted to share my excitement for how I made use of a product. 


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