Fall Trends: Mixing Metallic Into Your MamaStyle

 The other day I was scrolling through Instagram creeping on everyone business and shenanigans and stumbled across a stunning (to me) metallic silver pleated skirt via Curly.Edgy .
I immediately tagged my shopping partner in crime and she then text me a photo of similar version at H&M.
Except it wasn't quite as twirly as I would want it to be. So that was a hard pass for me. Go big or go home right?

seriously? could her outfit be any more casual cool?

I've stated that I'm committed to only buying what I absolutely love (if I buy anything) and then only if I can come up with at least three ways to wear it. So while I've sort of had my eye on a metallic skirt, I wasn't 100 percent committed to searching for one. A few days later, I was again taking a work break and scrolling IG and came across @awedbymoni  in this effortlessly fly silver and gold number and I got lost in the sauce.

I. MEAN!! 

After a quick trip down the rabbit hole of the internet searching for one that might suit both my sartorial tastes and my meager budget, I realized I wasn't the only one who might benefit from a little metallic magic. Moms wear metallics too! 
But a lot of my readers, while courageous in their own rights when it comes to their style, many of them are mothers (both millennial and not, new and seasoned) and might find it hard to figure out how to mix metallics into their current mama style. When one of your daily questions is: "where did this stain come from?" you want to make sure you're not wasting your wardrobe coins on frivolous purchases.
Never fear my dears, as always I am here to walk you through whatever fears you might be harboring.

First things first, you have to decide on how much shine you want to bring. There are a myriad of ways to add a little shine to your swag. You can start small with a bag or sneakers. Or even a golden beanie to get you in the spirit. Then by all means, move on to pants, skirts and dresses. One of my favorite items I found was a metallic bomber jacket that would set off any outfit and take it next level!! Because I don't want to overwhelm you all at once Friday I'll be back with details on specific items and how to incorporate them into your daily style. But until then, how do you feel about metallic's for fall?

Are you willing to find a way to work them into your wardrobe or nah? 


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