5 Perks Of Becoming An Early Riser

One of my favorite feeds on Instagram is my girl LaShawn of Everyday Eye Candy I have mad of respect for her ability to get up at the ass crack of dawn each day and still create quality content at the same time. I mean damn. She legit makes me want to have coffee and breakfast each day. If y'all aren't following her you should. Naturally, I scoffed at the concept of how getting up early could be so amazing for me as a wife, mother and business owner. Who wants to do that? What's the fun in being up for HOURS before everyone else and not hitting the snooze button two or three times before finally rolling out of bed? It's dark, it's cold, no thank you! 
I spent years getting up stupid early to catch a train to school, work, or to hop on the freeway and trying to get back into that same frame of mind seemed like a battle I had no interest in fighting.  But I've got secret I must confess: Lately, I've been doing that weird thing where I get up early too. 
I know....I totally drank the kool-aid and have bought into the idea that being an early riser will aid in my daily productivity. Because it totally has.  Here's how:

1) I prep lunches the night before and finish up in the morning. I'm lazy AF by nature but I'm organized thanks to my mild OCD but also easily distracted. Getting up earlier has given me the space to have a 'bad/slow' morning and not freak out because lunches weren't made.

2) I start my morning with green tea and a little mindful meditation. Cheesy as it is, there is something magical about being up before the rest of the world. Quiet house, quiet mind, preparing for the day. Namaste.

3) Yoga is still bae. It's been a while since I even attempted a daily practice but it's been beneficial for both my mind and my body to stretch it out at least two days a week. Doing it in the dark brings about serenity and clarity as well as hope for the day. Hoping a new yoga mat( and pants) will increase my motivation to keep it up!

4) List making without distraction. Getting up before the sun allows me to clearly state my intentions for the day with my list rather than my day making my list in my head as I scramble looking for Baby Ninja's other shoe. It also gives me a jump start on my day and the ability to add to it if someone else has a request that I've forgotten. 

5) I feel like a badass. No, for real I do. Getting up early is not fun. I'd be lying if I said it was. However, getting shit done hella early and still having the whole day to tackle my regular  work/life schedule makes me feel like a boss. Even better are the mornings I've made breakfast for everyone, worked out and gotten a head start on my work day. I may feel like I need a nap around noon but dammit if I'm not moonwalking into my evening with ease thanks to my early start. 

For years I fought this idea. I am NOT a morning person. Not by a long shot. It takes me a while to fully wake up and be ready to go so the idea of getting up while it's still zero dark thirty (particularly when it's cold out) is not high on my list of life tasks. But I kept feeling like mayyyyybe I was missing out on something? I am and I'm not. It's a crap shoot. Getting up before 6am is still an adjustment and I still hit the snooze button a few times before stumbling out of the bedroom, but once I'm up, I'm on a roll and then I have the coffee and then......well there's no stopping me at that point. 

Are you an early riser? What helps you get a head start on the week?


  1. I am an early riser! I love it. Even post-baby. Pre-baby, I would wake around 5/5:30 and basically work "east coast hours." By the time noon came around, I cleared almost everything on my to do list. When 3pm came around, I was done. But I had "free" time to do personal stuff.

  2. Yasssss!! Welcome welcome!! The peace and quiet to make that to do list is just the highlight of my morning. Granted, my bedtime is super early but it's worth it!! Namaste!!!!!

  3. I wish I could be an early riser, I definitely feel like there's an opportunity to complete more. Unfortunately, my husband's work schedule keeps me up until midnight...waking up at 5 am is a recipe for disaster.


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