Chillin With The 40/40 Club

This weekend was marked with a bit of magic.
My husband rounded out his group of friends who are turning 40 this year and we finally got to celebrate all together. It's been a weird year for the Mr. C2C and I with many ups and downs, hella highs and crazy lows but we've gotten this far and it was time to celebrate.
My original plan was to have a house all to ourselves w/ our closest friends and just chill with quality food & drink and maybe hang by a pool. (Think Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica when they went to Florida for NYE and the Orange Bowl. - Don't judge me.) I had it all planned in my head. But things didn't quite work out as I thought they would so I regrouped.  And then we were at dinner a few months back and I just asked him what he wanted to do , while still throwing out a few ideas and he told me he just wanted to hang out with his friends low key style. Okay cool, I can do that.

See - I LOVE birthdays. I love to party plan and prep and wear myself out running around to find just the right props and tablecloths but that is not him. He lets me go to town and be over the top most of the time because he knows this is what I love and also how I show love (Acts of Service) but this time, things were different. 
Money is tighter, time is shorter and there are other things hovering in the background that require our attention.
So I chilled on all that noise. The hamster on the wheel in my party brain was all , 'hallelujah and pass the carrots. I simply sent out an E-vite to his best friends, sisters and brother to come hang for a low key game night.


In a fortuitous turn of events almost all of the homies were able to come through and we kicked it old school for a few hours sans kids.
We broke out the dominoes and Jenga and commenced to ass kicking and shit talkin'. Later we pulled out Cards Against Humanity and the evening proceeded to go hilariously astray from there. The birthday boy was in charge of reading the first round and he couldn't get through it without laughing so hard tears rolled down his face.

It was in that moment, when he was doubled over, CRINE laughing, surrounded on all sides by the friends he's turned into family with "The Art of Storytelling" playing in the background, that I knew I did good.  No balloons or banners or singing. No massive gathering. Just the things he likes the most: good food, good drinks and good friends. And because we came up together and have shared many memories there was no reason to get perfect pictures or really any at all. Present and in the moment as it should be. 

At one point we ended up out on the patio and it was like old times except it's exceedingly more and decidedly better than we could have ever imagined.  We stayed up well past our bedtimes and ate way too many cupcakes while the fellas sipped on a little cognac and the ladies knocked back margaritas. 

You might've seen me joke about my husband becoming a card carrying member of the 40/40 club but the truth is, I can tell he's hit his stride. He's more secure in his ideals and beliefs, our family is solid and we have goals that we are working towards, together 
Forty looks good on you Mr. Dorsey. 


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