Midweek Mom's Night Out With Club Momme

Speaking of ladies night's, last week I went to a fun mom's night out with the lovely ladies at Club Momme. Like I said, I've been out on occasion but it's been a while since I've gotten all my ladies in one space. 


Because I'm always down for a mom's night and I've low-key been wanting to check out the event's location it was a no brainer. The fact that I have a teenager available to baby sit her brother until her dad gets home made it a double win. 
Naturally I spent the days & hours leading up to it fretting about what I was going to wear and I shouldn't have even bothered because I threw on something different at the last minute. Of course by the time I reached the venue I wished I'd worn something else because hello wrinkles, but oh well. 

I've heard a lot about Au Fudge and was looking forward to seeing it for myself. And it's adorable. Like the space is very cute and I love the idea of a play/eat/chill space for moms and kids. There is a full bar so there were margaritas and sangria on deck (thanks Club Momme for knowing what mom's want!) as well as light snacks that were quite tasty and paired perfectly with the refreshing marg. 

Although my friend Maura (The Other Side Of The Tortilla) invited me, I was happy to bump into my friend Brooke of The Crazy Creole Mommy Chronicles and catch up for a bit with no kids running around. The last time we'd seen each other was at the last Club Momme Spring Fest event in April! So it made my heart happy to grab a few moments with her. 

There were a few other ladies that I've spied at past events and follow on social media so it was nice to see and chat with them as well in a more intimate setting. 

The Crown Collective setup a table to create beautiful custom floral arrangements on the spot which was fun as I have zero skills when it comes to flowers save for putting them in a vase. I discovered basil flower and spent the rest of the evening enamored with the smell and look. There was also a station with technicians from The Nail Garden to hook up our nails. I was super down for that as mine were hella ragged. (fact: I am long overdue for a mani/pedi)  

Of course the night wouldn't have been complete without a spin in the photo booth which Maura and I were happy to partake in. We got a little silly naturally, but it was just nice to be around such chill energy.  The overall vibe was very relaxed and the space was inviting and warm. Just what this mama needed.

And I'm pretty sure all the mama's in attendance were happy to have a brief break from bedtime for a night.  

 WE obviously enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Club Momme for a fun evening and I'm already looking forward to Fall Fest in October! 

*Images courtesy Katee Grace Photography 


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