I'm Not Sick! It's Just Allergies!

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While the calendar might say that we have "officially" entered Fall, these rogue heatwaves have me thinking the opposite. I'm not a fan of the fact that it's late September and I still to run my A/C.  And all the fluctuating weather + back to school germs can only mean one thing: colds are on the horizon. Uggh.
So naturally Baby Ninja woke up a few days okay with "da coughies and da shneezies" (his terminology) and said "I tink, I'm a widdle sick Mommy" Sick? Nooo? School just started and I have SO. MUCH. WORK. to do today! 

But wait, is it really a cold? Or is it just allergies? (please be allergies, please be allergies)

This is really important distinction and can make or break a weekday and ruin a weekend. Mom's know we can't take a sick kid to a birthday party (or generally anywhere) but a kid with allergies? that's a horse of a different color. Of course we'll still make sure they're using tissue and all that but at least with allergies you don't have to worry about being the cause of a birthday party outbreak and the recipient of some serious side-eye at pickup.


But how do you tell the difference? Because, no doubt, you'll spend a lot of time explaining to other parents that your kid who is constantly sniffling and wiping their hand across their face, in fact has allergies and isn't sick so you can stop looking at me sideways Sara! 
Did you know that allergies are the third most chronic disease among kids 18 and under? I had no idea.
According to HealthyChildren.org almost 60% of kids with parents who have seasonal allergies will also suffer. Sorry kids. 
Here are four simple ways to tell the difference:

  1. Allergy: symptoms show up as soon as the child is exposed to the allergen.
  2. Cold: Child has a fever
  3. Allergy: Symptoms last indefinitely
  4. Cold: Symptoms last 7-10 days
Of course this still makes administering relief a struggle. Because all kids are different and so are all forms of allergy relief.  In the end it's best to remember it's NOT safe to give kids under age 6 OTC meds containing diphenhydramine and to always consult with a doctor if you have any questions before administering an OTC.  

for more information on allergies and ingredients

Y'all have already seen my arsenal of remedies chock full of vitamins and OTC's to keep my family healthy but as always I make sure to check the Drug Facts Label to see if each one is age appropriate for my kid. 

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