5 Signs You Need To Have A Ladies' Night ASAP

It’s no secret I’m a huge and longtime advocate of ladies’ nights, both in and out of the house. What is a bit of a secret is that it’s been a long time since I’ve had one. Sure I’ve spent time with friends here and there but going to or hosting a full on gathering of women? It’s been way longer than I care to admit. I’m also fully willing to admit that while I’ve wistfully written about how much I want to host one it just hasn’t been possible both financially and time wise. But looking around I thought about it and realized there is never going to be a “perfect” date/time/month that works for everyone. Nor will your home ever be exactly how you want it before you host. And sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind and put it on the damn calendar. If you recognize any of these symptoms gather your girlfriends and get your giggle on STAT.

  1. You’ve forgotten what your friends look like IRL. Seriously. If you can “see” them via social media and that’s the only way you know what’s going on with them these days so it’s high time you had them over.
  2. You discovered a new wine, recipe, got bangs new patio furniture. WHATEVER.  But no one in your family can appreciate it the way the ladies will. The point is you really don’t need a reason. Just invent one.
  3. The holidays are coming and the only way to survive them and the required mingling with influx of in-laws and co-workers that comes with them, is to fortify yourself with quality girl time. Bring it Aunt Brenda.
  4. You find yourself lingering at pickup & drop-off for just “a few more minutes” of adult conversation with people who understand your struggle and concern for why no one in the house can find anything.
  5. Because it’s the freakin weekend and Mama needs a f*cking break.

Real talk – I sent out a slew of texts over the last week to let my ladies know it’s on come November. Yes, I know that sounds far away but it’s already mid-September and next month is BANANAS so November it is.


Stay tuned next week for my personal guide to hosting a mom’s night in on a budget as well as some ideas on how to make it super cute and cozy. 

When was your last ladies night? Do you host or go out? Tell me in the comments!


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