Sweet Pea's Ice Cream Dream

Naturally we wanted to celebrate Sweet Pea's graduation and she wanted to do something with her friends but because  we are (as always) on a budget we were at a loss on what we could really pull off.
And then I was scrolling Pinterest late one night and came across the "ice cream party/ social" theme and my wheels started turning.  I knew we could make it cool and I quickly started pinning ideas and Sweet Pea was fully on board because ice cream. 


Even better for me, Dryer's/Edy's was one of the sponsors at Mom 2.0 and they handed out coupons for free gallons! Say what? Done and done. My girlfriends were kind enough to score me a few to add to my pile and by the end of it, we cleaned up. It wasn't that hard to determine which flavors to choose, the obvious choices being chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry and cookies n' cream as a "wild card".  

However, trying to narrow down toppings proved to be a little more difficult than I imagined. Because OPTIONS.

But somehow we did it and got it all set up in time for the party. 


There were ice cream cones galore (regular, sugar and waffle cones and bowls) for guests to choose from as well as regular ice cream bowls for those who weren't that into it. 

As for toppings we went with crunchy, chewy, and chocolatey as a "theme" and it worked out well as I happily scored some clear trays I'd envisioned at the Dollar Tree! Talk about a come up! 

My husband  and brother-in-law did a particularly great jobs in creating their sundaes and made quick work of them. It was nice to see all of our hard work enjoyed by my people.

Because we're into Pinterest like that, we found a cute way to decorate ice cream sandwiches and made our own versions for a fun introductory treat for the older kids and a pre-dinner treat for the littles. 

* this post was not sponsored although I did make use of the coupons received via Dryer's/Edy's at Mom 2.0 


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