San Diego Stuntin In The Sedona

It’s not secret I’m a big believer in self-care and the importance of mamas getting time for themselves and with their friends. I write about it as often as possible and pretty much tell everyone I meet, in particular new mothers, - go get out with your girlfriends WITHOUT the kids.  So you better believe that when my girl Alice extended an invite, I jumped at the chance to head down to San Diego with KIA Motors and some of my other blogger friends. It was my first ever press trip and I was stupid excited about going. Add to that it was in one of my favorite So Cal cities? Yeah, let me go pack a bag right quick.

I was also excited for the opportunity to test drive #theNewKia and see what all my friends have been raving about in their Drive Shop posts. I low-key love cars, I don't necessarily understand all the mechanics of them, but years of attending auto shows gave me a huge appreciation for all the bells and whistles. We’d already had fun in the Sorrento that Amber had for Mom 2.0 Summit so I had high hopes. My expectations were exceeded. 

Y'ALL. It was red carpet rock’n’roll high class treatment all the way from the moment we stepped off the train. Yup. WE. I got to ride down to S.D. with my homegirl Xenia and that kicked things off in the most amazing way. Being that we're both California natives it was fun to make the scenic ride down to one of our favorite places in the state. Not having to drive ourselves was and really get a chance to talk with minimal distraction was an added bonus. 

There was a car waiting to take us to the hotel when we arrived and after that you really couldn't tell us nothin'. For real. The hospitality suite was next level and I couldn't stop my eyes from bugging out at all the treats and toys they had for us. And don't get me started on the room. I've never stayed at The Hard Rock Hotel before but it definitely went above anything I would have thought. Spacious, modern semi-suite all to myself. Oh hell yeah. And that was just day one! They whisked us off to a welcome cocktail hour and dinner and then we were off to explore and get ready for the next day's adventures.

We started day two with breakfast (there was bacon so you know I was happy) and then learning about all the many evolution's that KIA has gone through and how the brand has grown and I was impressed to find out how hands on the staff is in the process of creating a quality product that is consumer friendly both in use and in budget. One of my favorite takeaways was when John stated, "We want you to do what you do best, tell your stories, your ways." I dug that. 
They listen to the consumer and then they apply that to their product. How can you not be down with that? 

Then it was time to drive. My girls and I decided to try out the Sedona minivan mainly because Melissa raved about hers and I was staunchly anti-minivan mom cliché. Because #suburbangangster. But then they showed me some of the features that were discussed in the session (buttery soft leather, sliding seats for easy in & out) and I was like…oohhh kayy mayyybee it’s cool. And then we turned on the Harman Karman sound system and I was like ohhhkkayy? We got bumps? We good. So off we went.

Insert _cruisin down the street in my six-four. But swap out '64 for minivan and.....yeah. We bumped a mix of late 90’s to mid 00’s (aughts? IDK I’m not a fan of that) and it was like old times. Except I was in the back seat of a plush suburban mom symbol with some friends who happen to be mom’s.  
Xenia hipped us to Barrio Logan and off we went. Can’t front, that place is like IG heaven, it’s a beautiful mix of murals of all kinds and because we’re kids at heart. We headed straight to the playground so Jillian could go down the slide. I almost didn’t want to leave it was so pretty and there were so many murals to see! I couldn’t photograph them all!

After a pit stop at Krispy Kreme (because DONUTS) we headed back to the city with a view of the beach on our left. The water beckoned to us and we all agreed a stop was in order. I have fond memories of cruising down Pacific Coast Highway with the windows down and music up loud sometimes riding solo, most of the time with my best girlfriends as we let our worries drift away like the tide, and let our hair blow until it hurt our faces.  Water on one side, responsibility on the other. Those were the days, man. Before kids and responsibilities when we could lose ourselves in the music, get caught up in the moments and groove like no one was watching. Somehow five women in a minivan managed to evoke the same feeling in me.

We ended up back at the hotel in time for a nap and all was right with the world. You know the last time I had a solid nap with no interuptions? Me either. 
I woke up rested and ready to karaoke with the new friends I'd made. Again, KIA knocked it out of the park with the set up and the live band. 

We sang our hearts out and went to bed hoarse and happy.  

Being this was my first real introduction to KIA I was blown away by their hospitality and the level of dedication they had to ensuring we had a great time. Not only did I learn about the brand, their philosophies, and history. They let us have our pick of cars and take them on a tour through San Diego. 
It was literally a dream come true and I wish more brands would follow suit. 

As we parted ways the next morning I could not stop gushing about my time in San Diego, the level of cool that is the Hard Rock Hotel with it's secret nooks and treasures around every other corner, the staff that painstakingly made sure we were accommodated in every way and the entire KIA team. 

The transparency and energy we experienced has yet to be duplicated and I am hard pressed to think that it could be any time soon. 

The new hotness - the KIA Niro -

 *Images via KIA and me as noted

** This is not a sponsored post. I attended a press trip for KIA motors but all thoughts and comments are my own.


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