P.S. I Love You - The Anniversary Getaway


Back in June, I talked about how good a family vacation can be and it was truly a good time and did my heart so good.  Something about checking out from the norm tends to change everyone's mood and improve all around attitudes. The same can be said for relationships. Particularly if you have children and busy schedules. Of which we have both.  We still had some time available with our timeshare so last month, D and I celebrated 6 years of marriage with a trip for two to Palm Springs. The last time the two of us went away together overnight was just before Baby Ninja was born. I think. 
So when it came time to plan our anniversary celebration I was thrilled when he suggested we head to Palm Springs for a "staycation" of sorts. I have a long history of loving the desert city and it's been on my list of places to hit up for awhile. 

We knew it was going to be hot, it is the desert, so we weren't too concerned about the fact that it was July. However, as the heatwave increased relatives inquired if we were still going and we said "for sure." We committed this time away to be with each other, so 117 degrees be damned. We're heading out. 
The drive down was smooth sailing save for some typical midday So Cal traffic and we cruised along the 10 East heading to our kid free oasis in the desert. 

People keep asking how it was and if we had a good time. And here's the thing, we could have stayed down the street and had a ball, it wasn't about where we were and what we did but that we were hanging out together.

We slept in, had real uninterrupted conversations over breakfast, lunch AND dinner. We took naps. We played Jenga and caught up on all the TV we have to wait to watch until after the kids go to bed. There was a LOT of HGTV / Food Network happening too. We slept in, drank too many margaritas and I lazed about the pool and people watched. 

In short - heaven. 

It was good for us as well. The break from the day-to-day grind of living, loving and raising a family in this current socio-economic climate can take a toll on a soul. Being able to connect in a way that we hadn't in a while was both enlightening and encouraging. 
We also ate some really good food. Because that is equally important. 


We also noted how many couples we saw and loved the fact that while Palm Springs isn't exactly a "party town" it's perfect for our personalities. You can stroll the main drag and find all sorts of shops, bars and places to eat. The prices aren't ridiculously over the top and the vibe is relaxed and chill. It's basically everything Vegas is not. And at this stage in our lives, it really suits us. 

Palm Springs is for lovers, it's warm out 90% of the time, thusly forcing you to either stay indoors or brave the heat and test your relationship and patience. But if you're cooped up indoors until it cools off, you have the opportunity to spend time with your partner in a way you most likely wouldn't at home. And that's pretty much what we did. It was almost like we were back in college again until our kids called to check in and break the reverie. It was all good and totally worth it. 

Adventures and daredevil activities are dope but sometimes, you gotsta' chill. 

Have you ever been to Palm Springs? What's your favorite way to get downtime with your partner? 


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