Mixing Things Up For Back To School: BabyNinja Style

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Back to school in Southern California always happens during some crazy 'last chance at summer' heat-wave and leaves everyone melting and miserable. Yes, well into September, it's stupid hot here. While the rest of y'all are all about the Fall life we're still melting. Not to worry though, I've become a pro at mixing up my own closet for this transitional season and by extension that of my kids. 


As Baby Ninja is getting older, and growing at a rapid pace, but still very much having strong opinions about what he wears, I'm all about mixing and matching. With him, less is more and the more outfits I can get out of a few pieces of clothing the better. I went to OshKosh to check what they had that might be able to handle Baby Ninja's hardcore playtime activities. I've been a fan of the brand since I was a child, with their classic striped overalls being a favorite and I also enjoyed the way "oshkoshb'gosh" rolled off my tongue. It made me happy and so did their clothes. 
The current versions also make my kid happy. 



For the record D was a little skeptical about rocking shorts with long sleeves both as a layer and main tee but once I showed him how fresh the boy would look, he was all in. 


I did pretty well for the boy with two pairs of pants, two long sleeve shirts (one flannel, one cotton) and two t-shirts (one short, one long sleeve) all for roughly $50 because they were having a sale and I was able to use a coupon  (use CODE: OKBG3136 ) for 25% off my total purchase! 

Y'all KNOW how I feel about a double discount.  I'm jazzed because I didn't spend a million dollars on clothes as he continues to grow and he's stoked because he's got "cool space clothes" to wear to school. He's also actually looking forward to his haircut now and showing off his whole look like his sister did when she started school. 

What's even better is that what I got pairs so well with what's already in his closet and it just makes me all happy inside to know that his wardrobe is shaping up to be just as functional and fun as the rest of ours. Which, maybe is silly to some but for me, streamlining things is key. If I can make our lives simpler by purchasing pieces that pair well together and last, well then, I win. The end. 

Wear it later: 

It helps the boy likes what he picked out and it's even better that so does D. I made sure to show them how he can wear everything from Summer to Fall because for some reason my husband seems skeptical about my shopping skills for Baby Ninja. Whatevs. I knocked it out of the park if I do say so myself. 
Layers are essential as the days can go from cool, to warm, to warm-er to warm, cool, and cool-er as we get further into Fall and all these pieces make choosing outfits each morning super easy. When dealing with a four year-old, easy is best. 

It seems like we just perfected our summertime fly and now we're anticipating the start of the school year. Because Baby Ninja doesn't "officially" start back until September 1st we're in no rush and have plenty of time to prepare for Pre-K! But at least we got the clothes portion out of the way.  

Have y'all done all your back to school shopping yet? 

And because I want y'all to win like I did, so I'm giving away a $50 gift card to OshKosh to help you out with your own back to school shopping!  

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  1. The dinosaur shorts! I can't handle the cuteness

  2. I am loving the orange and blue together! supercute!

  3. I try to shop early to beat the crowds and before things are picked over. I spread my shopping out over several days to not become over whelmed.

  4. Lol, poor little boy. He's definitely going to be slighted this year. My DH won't let me NEAR selecting clothes or shoes for the boy. Unfortunately and FORTUNATELY it's a battle I'm not willing to take on. I've got more than enough to occupy my time and my budget dealing with the girl! Never before had the words, "Back, back, gimme fifty feet" made more sense.

  5. We love, love, love OshKosh. Honestly, we don't do most of our back-to-school shopping until around Labor Day sales times. My kids are pretty self-sufficient and each have their own style (even my 4 year old diva-in-training LOL). OshKosh is one of those stores where everyone leaves happy.

  6. Back to school shopping is a crazy time at our house. We create a budget and write down a list of clothes we need. If there's extra money after getting all the needs, we can get some of the clothes we really wanted. Oshkosh always has cute clothes!

  7. My daughter will be starting preschool soon so it's going to get very interesting as far as BTS shopping is concerned! And I agree- here in SoCal everything is so hectic and crazy all the time anyway; no reason why back to school shopping should be any different lol.

  8. We usually shop during the tax free weekend which occurs the weekend before most schools start the year. I wake up at the crack of dawn to get a good look at the clearance stuff and the new stuff. But the way my kids grow we'll be happy if they can wear the clothes in January!


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