Bawse Babe Magic At BlogHer

It’s rare I get back from a conference or event and write a recap so quickly but it had to be done.
I spent the last 3 days in downtown L.A. for BlogHer 16. And it was a little insane. For starters it’s one of the biggest blogging conferences and the O.G. so it makes sense that it be larger than most. Thousands of women converged on the J.W. Marriott to meet up with other members of their tribe, network and hopefully learn a few things.
I knew it was going to be a good one when after a quick trip to Starbucks the other Amber, of Talk to Amber fame, and I sauntered back into the lobby and ran smack into Whitney from Naptural85. She smiled in our direction and we took that as an invitation and went to say hello. That she was legit sweet, and genuinely interested in us and our spaces on the ‘net was the impetus for an exhilarating weekend. It was only the beginning.

blogher_ naptural85

By the time we caught up with Xenia and Ruby it was already crackin' in a major way. 

For roughly 72 hours, I was surrounded by some of the most powerful and influential women in my industry. And that was just half of us. At every conference it feels as if there is more and more magic in the air. As if it’s building up to something greater each time we get together.


The undercurrent of energy bubbling over as so many like-minded individuals talk shop and swap stories while marveling at those who are leading the way. It’s a MOMENT and I am overwhelmed every single time. But then there are also these other smaller magical moments that occur when sometimes no one and everyone is watching.

Such a thing happened on Saturday, I was sitting alone eating lunch waiting for Amber to return and Luvvie and Alyssa walked by on their way to get food, dropped their stuff and came back and sat down and then slowly a trickle dope ass women began to develop around us and it was sort awesome how it happened and of course photos had to be taken to document such a fortuitous occurrence because when magic is happening it must be acknowledged.

At one point I was chatting with Denene Miller of My BrownBaby, Luvvie Ajayi of Awesomely Luvvie and Erika Kendal of Black Girls Guide toWeight Loss  (when I tell you I run with and know bawse ass women BELIEVE me) and had them ALL hollerin, and Luvvie looks at me and says, “When is YOUR book coming out? Cuz I want to read THAT.”

Wait – whut?


The woman who’s writing I admire and makes me HOLLER daily with her everyday banter, just told me she wants to read a tome authored by me because I told her a true life story (well several- I have a few) and she fell over laughing? The woman who has a book coming out in 4 short weeks? Did she just….? Yes, Universe.
THAT was a highlight for me.
And then a few hours later I was hugging Marie Denee of TheCurvy Fashionista and fangirling over EveylnFromInternets and CeedotCee . It was a moment for sure. AND THEN – I crashed a dinner and met Mario Van Peebles because L.A. and what is even life?


I was working as a volunteer mic wrangler for a few sessions and it gave me a better appreciation of the staff that put on the conference as well as perspective on why/how things end up happening the way they do. But that is a whole other post and will come later. Because WOW. 

The entire #perosquad was in attendance and it was a beautiful thing to catch up in person with my girls I ‘see’ online every day. I miss them and value their thoughts and friendship and we don’t get to see each other for long stretches all the time so when we get together it’s ON.

There are so many moments of awesome and inspiration hanging out with the experts among us that I can’t properly do them justice by articulating them via text. 


You kinda had to be there.  And I hope that you will be. Next year I mean.

If this is your industry and you have been watching various stories unfold on social media I highly recommend getting to yourself to one of these events. It’s not all shenanigans all the time but it is magical and something we all can use a lot more of.   

Have you ever been to BlogHer? What was your experience? 


  1. I laughed when you referred to BlogHer as "the O.G" but it's kind of true :) this was my 4th BlogHer! Fun time.


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