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Movie Night Going UP On A Tuesday

*I was compensated by 3ChickenConsulting to attend a screening but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*

According to my teen, occasionally, I’m a semi fun mom, and sometimes that fun happens when I get to take Sweet Pea with me to cool work events. Sometimes these events happen in the middle of the week. Which is no big deal in the summertime but once school starts, I’m sort of stringent about our evening routines. School, homework, dinner, chill and then bed. She has to get up wayyyy to early to be staying up too late on a weeknight. However, when I got invited to a screening for Kevin Smith’s new movie Yoga Hosers and watched the trailer; I knew I wanted to take her with me. Being that she’s just started high school and is a bit overwhelmed by it all, I thought I’d take the opportunity to chill out with her and my niece and check in to see how they’re adjusting to school. Whenever we get the opportunity to hang out, I try not to pry too much into their lives and just driv…

Because School Means Sickness At Some Point

* I was compensated by the CHPA's Educational Foundation, KnowYourOTCs, but all opinions are my own. 

No sooner than I start seeing Back to School signs do I hear/see parents complain about the shopping they must do for the dreaded ‘class list’. When your kid is in elementary (particularly if they attend public school) you as a parent are tasked with supplying not only your kid but the entire class with the basics. Tissue, hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes are the biggest concerns and requests. I don’t get it. I happily supply those items because I don’t MY kid coming home with the back to school seasonal cooties. Kids have the most virulent germs and what takes them a few days to have hit and recover will take us over a week. It’s awful. So, yeah, no thanks. This is why shortly after, the “Back to school” shopping, photos and general hub-ub die down you start seeing mama’s all over the web posting; “Mom down!” messages and inquiring about symptoms for some peculiar strain of virus…

Sweet Pea's Ice Cream Dream

Naturally we wanted to celebrate Sweet Pea's graduation and she wanted to do something with her friends but because  we are (as always) on a budget we were at a loss on what we could really pull off.
And then I was scrolling Pinterest late one night and came across the "ice cream party/ social" theme and my wheels started turning.  I knew we could make it cool and I quickly started pinning ideas and Sweet Pea was fully on board because ice cream. 

Even better for me, Dryer's/Edy's was one of the sponsors at Mom 2.0 and they handed out coupons for free gallons! Say what? Done and done. My girlfriends were kind enough to score me a few to add to my pile and by the end of it, we cleaned up. It wasn't that hard to determine which flavors to choose, the obvious choices being chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry and cookies n' cream as a "wild card".  

However, trying to narrow down toppings proved to be a little more difficult than I imagined. Because OPT…

Mixing Things Up For Back To School: BabyNinja Style

“This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh ; however, all content contained wherein are my own."

Back to school in Southern California always happens during some crazy 'last chance at summer' heat-wave and leaves everyone melting and miserable. Yes, well into September, it's stupid hot here. While the rest of y'all are all about the Fall life we're still melting. Not to worry though, I've become a pro at mixing up my own closet for this transitional season and by extension that of my kids. 

As Baby Ninja is getting older, and growing at a rapid pace, but still very much having strong opinions about what he wears, I'm all about mixing and matching. With him, less is more and the more outfits I can get out of a few pieces of clothing the better. I went to OshKosh to check what they had that might be able to handle Baby Ninja's hardcore playtime activities. I've been a fan of the brand since Iwas a child, with their classic st…

Bawse Babe Magic At BlogHer

It’s rare I get back from a conference or event and write a recap so quickly but it had to be done. I spent the last 3 days in downtown L.A. for BlogHer 16. And it was a little insane. For starters it’s one of the biggest blogging conferences and the O.G. so it makes sense that it be larger than most. Thousands of women converged on the J.W. Marriott to meet up with other members of their tribe, network and hopefully learn a few things. I knew it was going to be a good one when after a quick trip to Starbucks the other Amber, of Talk to Amber fame, and I sauntered back into the lobby and ran smack into Whitney from Naptural85. She smiled in our direction and we took that as an invitation and went to say hello. That she was legit sweet, and genuinely interested in us and our spaces on the ‘net was the impetus for an exhilarating weekend. It was only the beginning.

By the time we caught up with Xenia and Ruby it was already crackin' in a major way. 

For roughly 72 hours, I was surroun…

7 Reasons MY Teenage Daughter Is Dope AF

San Diego Stuntin In The Sedona

It’s not secret I’m a big believer in self-care and the importance of mamas getting time for themselves and with their friends. I write about it as often as possible and pretty much tell everyone I meet, in particular new mothers, - go get out with your girlfriends WITHOUT the kids.  So you better believe that when my girl Alice extended an invite, I jumped at the chance to head down to San Diego with KIA Motors and some of my other blogger friends. It was my first ever press trip and I was stupid excited about going. Add to that it was in one of my favorite So Cal cities? Yeah, let me go pack a bag right quick.

I was also excited for the opportunity to test drive #theNewKia and see what all my friends have been raving about in their Drive Shop posts. I low-key love cars, I don't necessarily understand all the mechanics of them, but years of attending auto shows gave me a huge appreciation for all the bells and whistles. We’d already had fun in the Sorrento that Amber had for Mom …