To Network Or Not?


Fresh off the energy of  We All Grow and Mom 2.0 summit I'm taking a good long hard look at my social imprint and the communities I'm involved in. For a time in the early (dark) ages of blogging there was a rush to be in as many networks and groups as possible. Everyone was talking about 'find your niche' and stick to it. Fashion bloggers were all in for all the style influencer networks and mommy bloggers stuck to theirs as well. And that was all fine and well.
But then the landscape of the industry began to change in a rapid way. Writers/ bloggers getting better at their craft and thusly creating more of a demand. Networks were formed and bloggers wanted in.

Eager to get in on this opportunity of getting paid for my time spent online and also getting to work with brands I loved, I signed up for several. One of my first was the Everywhere Agency, and that was simply because at my very first blogging conference, Blissdom 2013,  I met the founder and had the courage to say something to her as we were getting off the shuttle. She invited me to join her at the opening party as well as her network and it's been a match made in heaven ever since.  While at that conference I learned they were just one of SEVERAL networks to be joined depending on your niche. You had RewardStyle, CleverGirls, Collective Bias, Network Niche and the list goes on. 

There is legit, a network for every type of blogger out there which is great. But that doesn't mean that every network is for every blogger. Some require a certain amount of page views, followers on social platforms, even having kids within a certain age range. It wasn't always like this. In the beginning your social currency wasn't as important as it is now. But content is fire and social media is gasoline so if you have the personal influence online, joining an influencer network is just the next steps.

For me the first major benefit was being able to apply for campaigns for pay! Say what! Some weren't for major brands (that came later... and are still coming) but it was great exposure and preparation for where I'm at currently. 
And I have to say, because of these networks and conferences I've been able to meet colleagues (some local, some not) and develop relationships outside of "work" that have led to more networking. Funny how that works huh? 

So whenever any bloggers ask which networks they should be looking at I always share my list of faves and mention why Everywhere is at the top of my list every single time. 

* this is NOT a sponsored post, I've been getting asked about networks so I thought I'd share some of my experience. 


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