Summertime Fly: Mini Style

Having a boy is kind of weird for me. I'm not a super girly girl type of mom requiring Sweet Pea to wear frilly dresses and bows in her hair but we had our fair share of pink for 9 years.
Then Baby Ninja blew onto the scene and my whole world was rocked. What do boys wear? How far can I go when it comes to style and trends?

And let me just tell you, boys clothes have come a LONG way trend wise even in just the last 4years. I was adamant about not having any cheesy characters or too many cartoonish type ensembles and for the most part we've done pretty well. Baby Ninja dresses like - well most 4 yr. olds that I've known. But lately, I've sort of felt like he could step his game up a bit ya know? I see other kids that are just #instagramkid fly and being that I'm a fashion loving mama it only seems right my kid looks cute.

However, he is still Baby Ninja and will always and forever be about that busy body guaranteed to get dirty and destroy all the 'cute' stuff faster than I can wash it. So I tend to wait until they are at the point of no return before purchasing 

The other day I finally had the opportunity to run into Carter's and check out what they had this season. Lucky for me, there was also a killer 4th of July sale happening and I scored big time in the clearance section. Mainly because most of the stuff I liked in Baby Ninja's size was sold out on the main racks. Not that I minded, y'all know how I feel about paying full price, particularly when it comes to clothing for my little ninja, who is not quite a baby anymore.  

Not to brag but I scored big time. Everything I purchased was on super sale and worked with what we already had at home. I just had to get the hubs on board with my "wild card" picks. The dinosaur shorts and the palm print polo were both well received and once I showed him the different ways Baby Nina can show off his summer time fly, he was thoroughly impressed. I felt like I won. A good day of shopping has that effect on me. Even when the haul isn't for me.  I'm pretty excited about the boy's new clothes and so is he. Now, we just have to find someplace to go and hope he doesn't destroy them before we get there!

Where do y'all like to shop for kids clothes?


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