Summer In Full Swing

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It's already July y'all. I'm not real clear on how that happened, because I swear the year just started. But whatever, we're in full blown summer and that's awesome. Because that means impromptu barbecue's, lazy afternoons spent in the back yard, pool hangs and beach days.

That also means, I have to up my 'mom game' during the summer months. I'm already super prepared for whatever most of the time. Having kids will do that to you. As a side affect of being a young mother and daughter of medical professionals, I was/ am ORGANIZED and about that first aid life. I'm also hella accident prone so I carry ish for myself as well. But having a boy has added a whole new element to my arsenal. He is.....well....Baby Ninja, so I spend a lot of time cleaning up scrapes and discovering new owies. Summer just ups the ante. We're outside more and more and exposed to the elements in a ridiculous amount of ways. In some ways I'm opposed to it all but in others, I kind of love it. Tons of kids running around my backyard, giggling, splashing and getting dirty aaannnnd garnering the occasional war wound from a collision with a cousin or two. 

So I make sure I have my first aid kit handy and a variety of ointments and creams at the ready for whatever we may encounter. Call me crazy, but I actually take the time to find out what remedy I should use for each incident. Or just call me the daughter of a nurse. Whatever, it's in my blood. I just like to know that I'm using the right thing. I don't want to put just any cream on a rash, or abrasion and risk any kind of allergic reaction or irritation. But one reason I don't mind having a backyard full of boys is that I know I can handle pretty much anything. 

One thing I don't play about, is sunblock. I am pretty hardcore about making everyone apply a layer and have been known to just go up to adults (homies) and spray them. Because I care about everyone's skin. You might have seen my PSA on SnapChat  (@Carp2Cocktail) about how EVERYONE needs to protect their skin no matter how much melanin they possess. Check out this short video by Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson of Seattle Mama Do for more information on the difference between UVA/UVB rays and how to protect your family's skin. 

How are y'all protecting yourselves this summer? What are your go-to mom safety tips? Tell me in the comments!!


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