Look Back At It: Bootylicious Goals


Last week was my first time in a bathing suit as we had a bit of a family vacation and there were lots of pools so it was kind of required.
I admit I haven't done any type of "formal" excercise in quite some time. And by formal I mean, not even a DVD since we moved in April. Well, that's not totally true. For my birthday my girlfriend treated me to a bikram yoga class and that was awesome but intense and I haven't done a thing since. 

And I'm totally fine with how I look as I don't generally give it a second thought until I'm trying to squeeze in some jeans. So basically, I've been lazy and it hadn't really hit me just how lazy until I slipped into my new bottoms and had to do a cheek check. 

It wasn't bad but I could do better. I'd like to do better. And I miss my calves. I used to have really awesome calf muscles and lately they are only showing up when I've got on heels of some kind. Last year I had a whole fitness group and we were all doing monthly challenges (mostly squats and lunges cuz I got negative ass) but I totally fell off when I started back working full-time and then never went back because lazy. 
So yeah. I'm about to be about that #fitmom life and get back on my Bootylicious Buns and squats tip. It helps that I have a getaway planned with the husband next month so I'd like to see some kind of improvement by then.

I've got some routines that are tried and true but I want to know: What do y'all recommend? 


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