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Summertime Fly: Mini Style

Having a boy is kind of weird for me. I'm not a super girly girl type of mom requiring Sweet Pea to wear frilly dresses and bows in her hair but we had our fair share of pink for 9 years.
Then Baby Ninja blew onto the scene and my whole world was rocked. What do boys wear? How far can I go when it comes to style and trends?

And let me just tell you, boys clothes have come a LONG way trend wise even in just the last 4years. I was adamant about not having any cheesy characters or too many cartoonish type ensembles and for the most part we've done pretty well. Baby Ninja dresses like - well most 4 yr. olds that I've known. But lately, I've sort of felt like he could step his game up a bit ya know? I see other kids that are just #instagramkid fly and being that I'm a fashion loving mama it only seems right my kid looks cute.

However, he is still Baby Ninja and will always and forever be about that busy body guaranteed to get dirty and destroy all the 'cute' stuff …

Let's Get Absolutely Fabulous!!

“This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own."

Shopping and playing dress up are one of my many forms of self care and there is nothing more fun  than a dressing room montage so of course I jumped at the chance to do so with my friends at Macy's in Los Angeles for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie! Who doesn't like a shopping party?

If your schedule (and timeline) has been anything like mine you could probably use a break from the day to day so I happily invite you to come hang out with me at Macy's in the Beverly Center for a makeover by the always awesome crew at M.A.C , hair by H and of course an AbFab swag bag! 
Did I mention this event is F-R-E-E?  I mean! Yes, please! 

I discovered Absolutely Fabulous a few years back and fell hard for the Pats and Eddy and their over the top ensembles and personalities.  Go big or go home right darling? The movie looks hilarious and I can't wait to see ho…

Summer In Full Swing

* I was compensated by the CHPA's Educational Foundation, KnowYourOTCs, but all opinions are my own.

It's already July y'all. I'm not real clear on how that happened, because I swear the year just started. But whatever, we're in full blown summer and that's awesome. Because that means impromptu barbecue's, lazy afternoons spent in the back yard, pool hangs and beach days.

That also means, I have to up my 'mom game' during the summer months. I'm already super prepared for whatever most of the time. Having kids will do that to you. As a side affect of being a young mother and daughter of medical professionals, I was/ am ORGANIZED and about that first aid life. I'm also hella accident prone so I carry ish for myself as well. But having a boy has added a whole new element to my arsenal. He is.....well....Baby Ninja, so I spend a lot of time cleaning up scrapes and discovering new owies. Summer just ups the ante. We're outside more and more an…

#Momlifehumor Dear Husband Who Never Cooks

Look Back At It: Bootylicious Goals

Last week was my first time in a bathing suit as we had a bit of a family vacation and there were lots of pools so it was kind of required.
I admit I haven't done any type of "formal" excercise in quite some time. And by formal I mean, not even a DVD since we moved in April. Well, that's not totally true. For my birthday my girlfriend treated me to a bikram yoga class and that was awesome but intense and I haven't done a thing since. 

And I'm totally fine with how I look as I don't generally give it a second thought until I'm trying to squeeze in some jeans. So basically, I've been lazy and it hadn't really hit me just how lazy until I slipped into my new bottoms and had to do a cheek check. 

It wasn't bad but I could do better. I'd like to do better. And I miss my calves. I used to have really awesome calf muscles and lately they are only showing up when I've got on heels of some kind. Last year I had a whole fitness group and we wer…

To Network Or Not?

Fresh off the energy of  We All Grow and Mom 2.0 summit I'm taking a good long hard look at my social imprint and the communities I'm involved in. For a time in the early (dark) ages of blogging there was a rush to be in as many networks and groups as possible. Everyone was talking about 'find your niche' and stick to it. Fashion bloggers were all in for all the style influencer networks and mommy bloggers stuck to theirs as well. And that was all fine and well.
But then the landscape of the industry began to change in a rapid way. Writers/ bloggers getting better at their craft and thusly creating more of a demand. Networks were formed and bloggers wanted in.

Eager to get in on this opportunity of getting paid for my time spent online and also getting to work with brands I loved, I signed up for several. One of my first was the Everywhere Agency, and that was simply because at my very first blogging conference, Blissdom 2013,  I met the founder and had the courage to sa…

7 Reasons I Think Rompers Rule

Okay, so look, I know rompers and jumpsuits get a bad rap. A lot, a LOT, of y'all have told me in various forms that they are not for you and go on to list reason as such, but, I beg to differ. Rompers are rad. Seriously, there is a case to be made! They are dope on so many levels.  So okay, sure, at the end of the day you're naked on a toilet buuut you'll look SO fabulous on your way there! On that note; here are just a few reasons I think rompers rock.

Dress it up or down: The fact that my rompers double as date night ensembles no matter the occasion is an all around win in my book. Strappy heels, wedges, ankle boots and block heels all stand up against a romper for a sexy yet fun night out look. Paired with sandals and sneakers when you're feeling playful and even flip flops for more casual beachy vibes. Less is more: Because rompers are an all in one deal Sometimes all you need are a dope pair of shoes and a bold lip. Playing the jewelry game can be a lot of fun tha…