One Night Only

Last night was a little bit like magic. It was the first time in a LONG time that all of my husband's best friends were out to celebrate their other friend. Are you confused yet?
D has 3 best friends. They've known each other since junior high and have somehow managed to maintain their friendships. It's a beautiful thing. And this past week, one of them, my Gemini twin, turned 40. His annual white party is always a hot ticket and basically our one night out a year where we TURN UP, well as much as our 30-something bodies will let us. It's always a good time and y'all know how I feel about breaking out my dancing shoes so I was down. AND my birthday is in a few days (4 to be exact)? I am hella down. 
For as long as we've been together we've gone to this annual party and the cast of characters has changed over the years as relationships come and go. I think the only year I missed was right after I had Baby Ninja because tired. 
But last night, last night something magical happened. The entire crew came out. Well not the entire famdamily, that is hard to pull off. But I mean the core four. 

We ended up picking up the birthday boy's wife and our other friends met us there. When I saw who was in that car I got really excited. The gang's all here. For real. 
I've known my husband for almost 20 years so I've watched these men grow into who they are today and it's both inspiring and hilarious. I love them all so much and I really like watching them together. They have their own language and are basically brothers. It's hella dope to watch black men support each other the way they do. 
Back to last night though - we all walked in the club together and it was like a scene from a movie as the crowd moved aside as we danced our way through the club to the VIP.  Can I just say I love being older and being able to sit my tired butt down on a cushioned bench when I don't know the song or my feet hurt? It is a perk of both knowing the party promoter and being older. Cuz yeah, no.
If you follow me on SnapChat (and if you're not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?) then you already know what the view was like.  The DJ and emcee were old friends so it was a mix of new school (WTF is this?) and HELLA old school ( "Is this 'Freak Hoes'???) and the hubs and I cut a rug for hot one and then took our old asses up to VIP to people watch. 

As always, I grabbed a moment with the birthday boy and we both cheesed out at the fact that everyone was there. Us. The family we created, we were all there for one night, rocking to the beat. No matter that some had a plane to catch this morning - we made it happen for our boy. It was a moment.


Yeah, last night was magic. My whole body hurts and Baby Ninja woke up ready to partay before 8am but I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. 


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