Blink and You' ll Miss It

In some weird twisted way, high school doesn't seem that long ago. Sure next year it will be 20 (TWENTY - wait whut?) years since I graduated but I remember it like yesterday. In particular I remember my 8th grade graduation. And all the feelings I had before high school. 
I only bring this up because 3 weeks ago, one day before my 37th birthday, 23 years after my own, we sat in the sun to cheer for Sweet Pea at her 8th grade promotion ceremony.
Talk about a surreal #realmommoment .

It's not the first time she's been "promoted", so there were no tears on my part, but the emotions were still there. The swell in my heart and the lump in my throat as I listened to the ASB president wish his friends, the class of 2020 an awesome summer. 

What the french. Class of 2020? 
It seems so surreal. 
I am not, for the most part, a sentimental parent. I don't mourn the passing of every stage and lament the lack of babies in my life. I am enjoying every part of this parenting stage but dammit if this wasn't one of those "moments". The ones that define the phrase "The days are long but the years are short." Because they are. I'm not gonna tell anyone to cherish their kids when they're young and revel in it because that can be hard to do. But it does go by fast. I'm almost unsure of how we got here because it seems like it was yesterday that she was born. 

But now, we're 6 weeks out from high school. High school. This is a whole new era for us. We've never navigated these waters before and I'm both scared and excited about what the future holds. Because parenting in 2016 looks a whole lot different than it did in 1993. 

Yeah, Wednesday June 8 2016 was one for the books. Watching our girl receive her diploma was legit icing on a cupcake of a month and it was even better with our family there to support her.   

High school y'all, it's happening. 


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