5 Reasons To Vacation With Your Family


1)  You will discover new things about each other.
Sure you live with these people 24/7 365 but something happens when you get away from home and your normal routine. Things can get a little crazy and if it's a road trip you can guarantee you're going to learn something about one another. And there will be carpool karaoke, because duh. 

2) You get to bend the rules
If you're a super strict/ by the book type of parent you can have an a 'vacay parent personality' and be the fun spontaneous person of your dreams. Let's face it, vacation mom is lot more chill about missed naps and late night treats than mom at home. 


3)  Magic can happen: While there are moments of irritation because, family and plans going awry, there are these moments of magic that occur when everyone is getting along or you can tell they enjoyed their day and you're just like yesss, this is why we did this. Even if it only lasts as long as the tram ride back to the car. 

4) Try new things: We like to eat and generally when we go away we discover a new favorite place and dish we've never tried. In San Francisco it was prosciutto and honey topped fries in a pizza joint. Who knew? 

5) Inside jokes: There will always be stories that remain funny only because it is shared between sibilings,/ parents. It's kind of fun to not only be able to share a look with my husband when we spy something that's related to our joke but to get my kids in on it? That is priceless. 

* Bonus*
Quality time with other family members or friends. If you happen to go with friends and their families or bring a family member (mother/father-in-love) along it can be added fun as it gives you all a break from being "on" all the time! 


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