Sweet Pea's Teenage Dream

Not too long ago my oldest entered the world of teendom. And while we held out on the full blown "oh WOW she's a TEENager" type stuff for awhile, it's officially official as Sweet Pea recently turned 14. 
Fourteen. I can't even believe it. D and I asked what she wanted to do for her birthday and her main request was to have a sleepover with her friends.
Oh yay. 

I mean, sure we had the space for 9 or so girls but did we really want to do this? I mean, I am a sleepover professional. I KNOW how it goes down. But, I also want my kid to feel comfortable in her house w/ her homegirls so yeah, I let it happen.
Being the somewhat apathetic teenager she is, getting her to pin down a theme or idea behind the sleepover was harder than I thought. Because I cruise Pinterest often I'm constantly seeing party ideas but she's not about that life yet so my struggle was real. Add to that teenage sass and well, yeah. 

However, we did agree that she just wanted it to be chill and settled on a pizza+ popcorn bar + movie night "theme" and purple + blue color scheme. We had fun shopping for all the toppings they could add to their popcorn. 

While I have memories of certain friends mothers making pancakes for us the next day, I am not about that life so we decided milk+ cereal + donuts would be the move for the morning.


Basically I hopped them up on sugar and sent them home. As any good sleepover mama would do.   

I also made them drop their phones in a basket when they first got there to encourage them to interact in real time and make sure they weren't engaged in random online activity. Once upon a time I was a tween / teenager and went to my share of sleepovers, I know how it goes down and I am not trying to get a phone call from anyone's mother about questionable photos posted while at my home. No thanks. Also, I'd rather them actually engage with one another instead of sharing jokes, photos from their phones and not interacting. 

Although, they were NOT excited about an evening without their phones, all the parents were thrilled with the idea. And it turned out to be awesome. They actually talked to each other and told stories and watched ridiculous movies. 

I pretty much left them alone except to check-in every so often and make sure they weren't ruining my rug and snag some pizza. And of course, I had to snag a donut in the morning for my coffee. 
I posted a bit of the evening on my SnapChat ( you can always find me there for behind the scenes of C2C) And had several friends check-in the next morning to see if I survived and got any sleep. The truth, is not really, but the girls had a blast and Sweet Pea got to be with her people in her element and that made my heart happy. 

What do you to celebrate birthdays? What was your most memorable birthday to date? 


  1. It sounds like the girls had fun and you weren't too put out. Great. I also like the fact that you made them actually talk to each other instead of being on the phone all the time. Good for you! I wish more parents would take the phones/ipads/etc away every so often :-)

  2. What a fun girls event! Yeah my girls would have caught a fit with the no phone rule for the event!! Haaaa

  3. I love the theme, I've not hosted a sleepover at my home to date. My son turns 12 in November but I don't think he is into that.

    My most memorable birthday was 35, why? Because it is the first real birthday party I ever had.

  4. I think this is awesome. I love that you had them all put their phones away while at the party. Being present is a skill we have to teach our children and hopefully they were able to have more fun as a result.

  5. Such a cute idea! I especially love that you took their phones so they could enjoy eachother.

  6. This sounds like a fun way to celebrate! I love how you made them drop their phones and actually interact with one another. I had a pretty big Sweet 16 when I was a teenager, and this month, we're throwing one for my niece. It's been really fun to help her plan her own since I remember my own so vividly.


  7. I didn't go to many sleep over parties as a kid. My parents were always iffy about me staying by someone else's house and there were "more than enough of us to play with each other" -_- I Love the "no phones" rule. Definitely keeps them out of trouble.

  8. This is ridiculously cute! Love the phone basket and the donut at the end!

  9. That is great. I never went to sleepovers. Looks like fun. Goody had them give up phones. I'm in awe of how you did that.

  10. I love the cell phone idea they got to enjoy time with each other & with this setup I know they definitely enjoyed. I remember sleepovers as a little girl, can't wait til my Khloe gets older and requests them (well then again I can lol)

  11. The no phones idea is so good. I think I'll do that for my next ladies night because we are so quick to look at our phones and not really engage with everyone - especially me.

  12. When I was growing up, birthdays were big! We had birthday parties and sleepovers. Nowadays, my birthday has become another day. I don't really celebrate it that much. I don't get many gifts or cards. I need to change that! Thanks for sharing the story of Sweet Pea's party.


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