Runnin Through The Ritz With My Woes

Whew, y'all, I am not ashamed to admit I am whipped.
I am still recovering from Mom 2.o as well as some kind of sinus infection situation for the last few days. I've gotten my email life together but I am so behind over here. As always, that makes me feel like a "bad blogger". 
Which is lame because, even though I may not always be writing over here, I'm all over social media and can also be found writing on MODE a couple times a month too. 

As always, the conference was well done and gave me all the feels and inspiration. I basically walked away with my tribe feeling like I have (even more) fire in my finger tips and we are about to set the world ablaze. If you've seen Mommyfriend and I's FB Live show, you know we touched a bit on how great it is to be able to go to this event once a year. To step away from the computer, out of our homes and get to know the people behind the keyboard that we fall in love with over and over again. 


Mom 2 is amazing. Not just because of the quality of the conference. The keynotes and panels are always cutting edge and helpful. The marketplace is packed with brands eager to work with women in the parenting space and the location is always breathtaking. This year it was at The Ritz Carlton in Dana Point and even though it was overcast, the view could not be beat. I'm from California and grew up by the beach and it still stuns me every time. 
No, Mom 2 is special because of the people. The connections I've made and friendships that have blossomed because of it have been invaluable. I really can't put a price / feeling on what it means to me.  
Once a year I get to go be a hot mess with my girlfriends and colleagues. We're able to squeeze each other in person instead of just virtually. 

We congratulate and celebrate wins as well as work through losses. These women support me throughout the year so to be able to be with them for 2 days uninterupted (no kids) is akin to heaven. 
A lot of these women I met at the tail end of last year's conference and then became friends with on Facebook (so you know it's real) and it was magic. The connections I made have been invaluable. For real. We talk a lot about ROI in my house (D is in banking) and hands down Mom 2 is a great return on my investment. I made my money back from last year's conference tenfold so there's that. But it's not just about the cost. Well at least not for me anyway. But the really the relationships I get out of it. That's a whole other post but really, again, it's magic. 


So there we were, squealing,hugging and crying happy tears as we caught up with our friends we only see once a year. Some of them are even local within the state but it's still hard for us to get our shit together at the same time and meet up. It was a grand reunion and it all went by so fast. As much as we also want to lock ourselves away in a room and just laugh together, we're also there to take care of business. So in between meetings with brands and marketers we snagged a few moments of magic in the hallways. 


It was more than a pleasure to catch up with my blogging boo's. It had been far too long since we'd last been in each other's presence. 


To cap things off, there are the IRIS Awards, in which we are able to nominate our peers in various categories throughout the parenting blogging space. There is a red carpet situation and I don't know how to behave.


It's a glorious night and we laugh and cry and celebrate each other........and then the music comes on, the heels come off and we. get. down.
Well, at least I do.
It's no secret I love to dance so I make it a point to boogie with my boo's before we pack up and head back home to our families.
I'm #blessed to be able to be in a room with these women and call them friends. 


We've got one night only. So we make it count. 


You can check out more of my post-awards shenanigans over on the Facebook page.

How do you celebrate or spend time with your friends? 


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