Rose` All Day ( you can actually afford)

I can't front, I wasn't that into Rose` for quite some time. It just wasn't my thing. And like most varieties of libations, it had to grow on me. And grow it did. Thanks to a family fully supportive of my love of libations and tickets to wine festivals and tastings my sommelier status is low-key legit. 

I truly enjoy all varietals of wine and have come to appreciate the  subtle differences over the years. And oddly, when I look back on it, my first real sip of anything was of the rose` genre in my mom's White Zinfandel all those years ago. Everything old is new again, go figure. It's also fun, because it's something my mom and I can share and any time we can find commonality we relish it.

But since Ricky Rozay and others have put rose` back on the map and thusly on the radar of all the hip millennials, the price has gone up. And my pockets are not that deep. I'm guessing y'all's aren't either. So I thought I'd do us ALL a favor and compile a list of brands that are all under $25 and can either be bought in bulk (looking at YOU Summer Water) or just kept on hand for your next soiree.


I try to keep a bottle on chill at all times because you never know when a friend will stop by, because kids or not, it's still Rose` All Day on mine. 

What's your favorite way to enjoy it? 


  1. YES! White Zin doesn't count. :) Gonna have to try all these!!


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