Real Life vs. Reel Life

“This post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal domains that end in .ME. As a company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions are my own.” 

Mornings be like...

Over the weekend a former (?) “mommy blogger” wrote what she’d I’m sure like to think is a scathing piece about the mommy blogging industry and the lack of authenticity. It was more than ironic coming from someone whos’ most recent blog and Instagram posts were of the sponsored variety. That of course got the blogging comminuyt as a whole talking about authenticity and what it really means. Some people thought her argument had merit (I sort of side eye those people because what are you if not authentic, in your writing?) and while there ARE bloggers out there who are just shilling whatever for a check, that’s on them. For some reason this woman felt compelled to come down on a whole niche of an industry because of …… well we don’t know really. Let’s chalk it up to Mercury retrograde shall we? However, it got everyone talking among themselves and in various groups about who is really real and who is not.
And while some people claim extreme levels of authenticity one has to wonder, are they REALLY? I mean, if you have team that helps you pull off all of your fabulous content? Say it! Own it! Simply state, I have a photographer who takes my photos but I edit them, and someone else helps me w/ flatlays and other static content for sponsored Social Media and then I have a videographer and friend who’s a stylist and pulls things on occasion etc….
THAT is being authentic. There are so many out there “doin’ it for the ‘gram” that it can be hard to discern what’s real and what’s not.  We live in a world saturated w/ celebs doin the most and even people we used to know Facebook flexin’ just because they can. I even had friends I don’t see regularly question how much time / money I spend shopping simply because they saw me post photos of something I loved or maybe tried on and said I wanted. News flash people, I don’t BUY ALL THE THINGS every time. We’d be homeless and broke if I did.


After that, I made it a point to keep things “one hunnid” in my social media life.
But at the same time I had to laugh, my home girl and I have been talking about this very thing for over a year – people are going to get tired of the cookie-cutter, everything is great and life is fine posts. And even the ones where everything isn’t “great!” but the photo is still beautiful, and filtered with perfectly ‘staged’ clutter.  That’s how people show they’re “authentic” these days. Sure you might get a bare faced selfie every now and again but please believe they are in the best lighting and that’s 1 of at least 100 shots taken.  But practice what you preach right?

please note my dirty bathroom mirror and child in pajama top & sweats.

So, do I show the really REAL side of me on social media? I’d like to think so. Do I tell EVERYTHING? No. Absolutely not. Everything is not for everybody. But do I share when I’m having a shitty day? Yup. Am I honest about my kitchen successes and fails? For sure.  I own the days I’m in workout gear all day, and haven’t worked not nary a muscle other than my Twitter fingers. I share when my kids are off the chain and we haven’t had a date night in months. Because that’s real life.

Doesn't get more "authentic" than this. Mid rap, no cares.

After we got back the photos from Mom 2.0 Summit, I cringed a bit as I saw how REAL I got on the dance floor, but then I shrugged it off. That’s me. If you follow my SnapChat you know I am all about the car dance and this was just next level captured in hi-res. And that got me thinking about Domain.ME ( a domain name provider that allows anyone (personal and/or business) to create a unique, safe identity online with a domain ending in .ME. ) and how to really brand oneself in an authentic manner, that is the way to go to create a site that is truly a direct representation of .ME . Literally. They also helped me to create a media kit that was creative, distinct and allowed me to fully represent what Carpools to Cocktails is all about. 


I am a hot mess on a good day and whatever is beyond that on my worst. From Carpools to Cocktails is actually what my day to day life is and I make it a point to be as true to that always, in all ways.  I hope that if we've ever met ( or do meet) y'all feel like you have sense of who I am and what I'm about. 

How do you stay to true to who you REALLY are while still giving the world your "best"? 

Are you are your true authentic self online or do you only share the good? 


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