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Rose` All Day ( you can actually afford)

I can't front, I wasn't that into Rose` for quite some time. It just wasn't my thing. And like most varieties of libations, it had to grow on me. And grow it did. Thanks to a family fully supportive of my love of libations and tickets to wine festivals and tastings my sommelier status is low-key legit. 

I truly enjoy all varietals of wine and have come to appreciate the  subtle differences over the years. And oddly, when I look back on it, my first real sip of anything was of the rose` genre in my mom's White Zinfandel all those years ago. Everything old is new again, go figure. It's also fun, because it's something my mom and I can share and any time we can find commonality we relish it.

But since Ricky Rozay and others have put rose` back on the map and thusly on the radar of all the hip millennials, the price has gone up. And my pockets are not that deep. I'm guessing y'all's aren't either. So I thought I'd do us ALL a favor and compile a l…

Real Life vs. Reel Life

“This post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal domains that end in .ME. As a company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions are my own.” 

Over the weekend a former (?) “mommy blogger” wrote what she’d I’m sure like to think is a scathing piece about the mommy blogging industry and the lack of authenticity. It was more than ironic coming from someone whos’ most recent blog and Instagram posts were of the sponsored variety. That of course got the blogging comminuyt as a whole talking about authenticity and what it really means. Some people thought her argument had merit (I sort of side eye those people because what are you if not authentic, in your writing?) and while there ARE bloggers out there who are just shilling whatever for a check, that’s on them. For some reason this woman felt compelled to come down on a whole niche of an industry because of …… well we don’t know really. Let’s chalk it up to Mercury…

Runnin Through The Ritz With My Woes

Whew, y'all, I am not ashamed to admit I am whipped.
I am still recovering from Mom 2.o as well as some kind of sinus infection situation for the last few days. I've gotten my email life together but I am so behind over here. As always, that makes me feel like a "bad blogger". 
Which is lame because, even though I may not always be writing over here, I'm all over social media and can also be found writing on MODE a couple times a month too. 

As always, the conference was well done and gave me all the feels and inspiration. I basically walked away with my tribe feeling like I have (even more) fire in my finger tips and we are about to set the world ablaze. If you've seen Mommyfriend and I's FB Live show, you know we touched a bit on how great it is to be able to go to this event once a year. To step away from the computer, out of our homes and get to know the people behind the keyboard that we fall in love with over and over again. 

Mom 2 is amazing. Not just …

Do ALL Moms Feel Like They Need To Get Their Sh*t Together?

Sweet Pea's Teenage Dream

Not too long ago my oldest entered the world of teendom. And while we held out on the full blown "oh WOW she's a TEENager" type stuff for awhile, it's officially official as Sweet Pea recently turned 14. 
Fourteen. I can't even believe it. D and I asked what she wanted to do for her birthday and her main request was to have a sleepover with her friends.
Oh yay. 

I mean, sure we had the space for 9 or so girls but did we really want to do this? I mean, I am a sleepover professional. I KNOW how it goes down. But, I also want my kid to feel comfortable in her house w/ her homegirls so yeah, I let it happen.
Being the somewhat apathetic teenager she is, getting her to pin down a theme or idea behind the sleepover was harder than I thought. Because I cruise Pinterest often I'm constantly seeing party ideas but she's not about that life yet so my struggle was real. Add to that teenage sass and well, yeah. 

However, we did agree that she just wanted it to be chill an…

Inked Up: Why I REFUSE to Stop Getting Tattoos