Strawberry Fields Forever Ever

You might recall last month I was over the moon about my visit to a strawberry farm. We got to learn about the process of growing them, pick them and of course, eat them.  Then there was lunch. While devouring a well cooked sirloin we talked food and recipes as they related to all things strawberry.
Our hosts were gracious enough to send us all home with a flat (read 8 clam shells) of my favorite fruit and I was beyond excited about it. The whole ride home was filled with thoughts of all the delicious strawberry treats I was going to make. 

I hoped I could get to use them all or freeze them before they went bad ( Mr. Hernandez suggested no more than 5 days in the fridge). However, the sheer amount was enough to intimidate even this strawberry lover so I happily made a few deliveries to other berry loving friends.

 Then while perusing my cookbooks searching for things to include in the weeks meal plan, I came across a recipe for tacos that happily included a strawberry salsa. What luck! And I had shrimp in the fridge too? Double win. 

So that became the plan for our meatless Monday dinner.

While I enjoyed the strawberry salsa at lunch the week prior, I wasn't sure how D or our dinner guests would feel about it. 
Turned out amazing and the flavor profile was spot on. 

Something about the combination of the seafood, cilantro, the jalapeno, queso fresco and fresh fruit made it a party in my mouth. It was the perfect marriage of sweet and savory all at once. 


We took full advantage of our abundance of fruit and made a strawberry pizza for the kids.  Which is basically sugar cookie dough, cool whip + whipped cream cheese , topped with strawberries. (or any other fruit) They loved it and so did the mamas. Because strawberries only have 7g of sugar per cup 
it wasn't too sweet or sugary for them (or us) so there was no worry about the toddler tornadoes being up all night on a sugar high. 

And it kept well until the next day for an after school treat. Double win! My girlfriend was impressed with how easy both dinner and dessert were to prepare (thanks in part to having the berries already cut-up and stored in the fridge) and we both agreed we might try to do a grilled version of the pizza for our next cook out. 

Getting a shot of the strawberry pizza was trickier than I had anticipated. I had 3 tiny people vying for a space at the table so they could get a slice and one in particular was bound and determined to stick his finger in the "icing". He was successful. Needless to say that piece was his. 


I love it when I take a risk on a recipe and it turns out well for all parties. 

What are some of your favorite ways to eat strawberries? How do you feel about the combination of shrimp + strawberry salsa? 


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