Outdoor Inspiration

If you're playing along at home an follow me elsewhere, you already know that we moved recently and have been slowly but surely turning this new space into a home of our own. After all the boxes are unpacked my next project will be the outdoor space.
It's different than any space we've ever had. While it's about the same size as our last location, it's laid out differently and has way more grass and space for a plant bed / herb garden so that's really cool. I've been saying for years I want to grow an herb garden w/ Sweet Pea and Baby Ninja but we just barely got the grass growing at the last place so it's been a slooooow, process getting me to the garden stage. I have delusions of grandeur but I'm hoping this new space will take me beyond inspiration and straight into action. 

At some point in the last two years we bought a blow up pool but never had enough grass (or time) to get it set up and utilize it. This summer though, it's going down. I'm pretty excited. I get to set up my outdoor " bar" and have some fun ideas for decor and toys.  We're pretty laid back people and want the overall vibe of our house to be welcoming and chill. That extends to the backyard as well. 

Outdoor Inspiration

Outdoor yard decor / Wood patio umbrella / LA SIESTA outdoor hammock / Pedestal side table / Sunnylife battery operated fairy light / Outdoor garden decor / IKEA ARHOLMA Sofa combination, brown, beige / IKEA ÄPPLARÖ Gateleg table, brown / show more, Marimekko, brand shop : Target / SOMMAR 2016 / SOLVINDEN / SOLVINDEN / SOLVINDEN / SOLVINDEN / SOLVINDEN

I'm a beach girl so I love the cool blue hues and it looks like IKEA is feeling my vibe as well because their summer collection is just screaming for me to play around with it. I'd love to do some sort of sofa type seating, whether that's a pallet type thing or an actual all weather patio set. Add in a rug to make it more of a living space as well as curtains for privacy and sun protection, some fun string lights (the flamingos, I die) for atmosphere and you have a kick-ass lounge space. Obviously a fire pit is in order because S'MORES post swim in a So Cal summer is like a right of passage. I don't want my kids to miss out on that. We'd also love to add in an outdoor dining table and bold umbrella. Paired with maybe some brightly colored mis-matched thrifted chairs and other random accessories and I think our backyard will be the place to be. 

If you've been following this blog for some time you know this isn't my first trip into the world of "OMG I WANT/NEED THAT FOR MY YARD" and then never doing anything. However - this time, THIS TIME, I am vowing no clothes or frivolous buys until my yard is set. I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG hot summer out here and as much time as we can spend outdoors the better. Also,  

I have visions of enjoying my coffee out on the patio while the kids play, laptop in front of me on an ottoman, cup of coffee and a magazine next to me, the breeze blowing the curtains ever so gently, and perhaps a candle in a hurricane vase and just yeah.....can you see it? Cuz I can, come on summer!


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