7 Uncommon Gifts I'd Love to Get & Gift

It's no secret I'm low-key obsessed with online shopping and as a self-proclaimed shopping ninja I am perpetually looking for new places to score unique goods. I love the idea of artisan style pieces that are unique and have a story behind them while also being extremely cool. At least in my opinion.
And while shoes and books are what I love, it's not always what I want to get. Those are more things I want to buy for myself. But a dope gift from a friend? That's kind of my jam. So when I stumbled across UnCommon Goods, a Brooklyn based business, and I was both pissed and pleased. Pissed because how the hell have I been missing out on this site for so long? 
I mean, they have a mixtape pillow and a taco kit for cryin' out loud!  A taco kit + storage. Y'all. Again, HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS???


Shop the set below:

Bar tool / Drinkware / Indoor outdoor throw pillow / One11 Imports DIY Cinema Lightbox / Taco Serving Kit and Storage Box | taco holders, serving kit |... / Milkshake Diagram Glasses - Set of 4 | milkshake recipe |... / Smoothie Dice | Handmade kitchen decor, wooden smoothie dice, smoothie...

So after getting lost in the site for several hours I decided to make a quick list of things I might like to have or gift for housewarmings, birthdays, heck, mother's day is right around the corner and it seems there's always a reason to gift someone with something right? Naturally I made a list cuz I'm visual and hella organized like that. Really, I just don't want to forget what I saw and where so it's best to do it this way don't ya think? I will Pin the crap out of everything (and I have) but rather than dig through all of those......I digress.

And then I did some further digging and found out a little more about the UnCommon Goods brand and how they operate by pairing with designers, artists and creators by giving them a platform to showcase their wares. About one-third of which are made of recycled material and now turned into quality goods. I can get down with that cause.  They've even made it super easy to find stuff for EVERYONE at any price point. Add to that I can order it from my living room? 

I'm a total convert. 

What's your favorite uncommon gift to give? 

*I was compensated for this post but all opinions and ideas wherein are my own. 


  1. I have to have that taco kit. Really. But wait..I'm supposed to be shopping for others....


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