Rawwwr - Baby Ninja is Four!

It's no secret that Baby Ninja is a little obsessed with all things dinosaur. So it only made sense that the theme for his 4th birthday party was ......Rawwr! You guessed it, dinosaurs galore!  There were TONS of ideas on Pinterest which I wasted no time adding to my board and then obsessing over. Seriously. So. Many. Fabulous. Ideas. I admittedly got a little stuck and overwhelmed and then carried away all in a matter of hours.  However, once I got a hold of myself I narrowed it down to what I was REALLY capable of pulling off. 
Read: what I wasn't going to do was go nuts over a bunch of details that only the adults were going to appreciate. 

While out shopping for supplies for the party we were hosting at home I came across the cutest dinosaur cake toppers and cupcake wrappers that I couldn't resist scooping up to take as a treat to his classmates.  I mean, it came complete with little candies as "spikes"! How could I NOT? 

And then because life is funny, the day AFTER I made a trip to another city for a Hobby Lobby run, they had the "soft" opening for the one down the street from me.  Of course they did. And of course I had to talk myself out of a few "fun" purchases that although went with the theme, were totally unnecessary. I mean, how cute and fun are these painted dinosaurs!! Maybe next time. 

Because the party was on a Saturday and I am a natural procrastinator, I was still pulling things together on Friday afternoon and well into Saturday morning.  I admit I had some ideas that I had to abandon as I am only one person because Pinterest is sickness y'all. It's a good thing we already own like fifty eleven thousand dinosaurs so decorations were kind of a breeze. 

But I have to say that I loved how it all turned out. I mean I kept it super simple even though all the opportunities for creativity and cuteness were endless. But at the end of the day, while I'm all about the cute and creative. He's a four year-old boy and he and his friends could care less about the tiny details. So I scrapped a few food ideas and went really, really freaking simple and kid friendly.

Dino nuggets were an easy choice,not to mention economical as we already had a giant bag in the freezer. Apatosaur shaped PB& J sandwiches for an extra option and simple snack bags with dino bones (pretzels), for a crunch + more dino eggs (jelly beans) and worms because fun 

Dino teeth + dino eggs (yogurt covered raisins) were  The adults got to dine on Pternandon (chicken) wings and salad as well as sip Lava Punch (strawberry margaritas) and enjoy the kids running around and playing with all the dinosaurs.

He did however, come up with the cake topper and decorations on his own. I had purchased jelly bean eggs to use as decorations or something, and he said he wanted to put the "dinosawr eggs on da cake". And so he did. Sweet Pea helped him out putting together the triceratops and together we frosted the cake. It was a moment and I loved having both my babies helping me with the minor details. 

There is no shame in my game and I happily used the leftover decorations (and a few cupcakes) from the day before and they were a huge hit with everyone. The kids had a blast with all the miscellaneous dinosaurs hiding everywhere. I tried to make a psuedo game out of it where they had to see if they could count them all and that lasted for all of 10 minutes as they soon ran off upstairs.  

Naturally he had to rock a dinosaur shirt. At this point in time I think we're up to a different dino shirt for every day of the week.  I'm not mad at that because he loves them so and they're all super different. Not to mention it makes getting dressed in the morning a lot easier. 

Dinosaur feet leading the way into the party were a last minute addition and required a late night run to the craft store for grass looking scrapbook paper but it was totally worth it.  Sweet Pea did them for me and they turned out so cute and all the kids and parents thought they were just fabulous.  

The original plan had been to draw them on the walkway leading up to the house but with rain in the forecast it just didn't seem like a good use of energy.  These were a much better idea and use of Sweet Pea's time. 

The next morning. 

We hung out well into the evening hours and as much as it was a tiny bit of chaos, we were all sad to see everyone go. And after cleaning up the food and making sure there weren't any juice boxes in places they shouldn't be I crawled into bed and left the rest of everything else where it was. No shame in my post party game. 

the aftermath of gifts. you KNOW I kept it all. 

It is one of my greatest joys to watch and know that other people love on my kids in the same manner that their own family does. It made my heart skip a beat to see the smile on his face while he ran around with his friends. Moving around the house and chatting with our guests, all friends and famdamily, and the love was just palpable so I soaked it up.
Until next time y'all. 


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