Kickin It Old School

A few weeks ago, I posted about my Gift Card Wish list and there were a few pairs of sneakers on there that were speaking to me. After a bit of deliberation and despite the opinion of my bestie, I went ahead and ordered some kicks that were a little bit out of the box for me. But I was digging them hard.

Still, I was nervous until they arrived and I tried them on. And then I fell hella hard in love with them. They were exactly what I had hoped and they were pretty comfortable! Say what!? Of course, I took them for a spin in Target because 1) it was Tuesday #targettuesday 2) what better way to break them in? It was either that or IKEA, Target was just closer.

They're an updated version of the classic Cortez but not?

I'll fully admit I was still unsure until I wore them the second time if I REALLY liked them and the way they looked on ME or if just liked the image they matched in my head.  But then I threw them on with my sweatshirts and was like 'oh yeah it's on'. So there you have it. 

I don't know how to describe them I just know I love them so much. Which is rare for me to say about a sneaker like these. This is how I expected to feel about my Dunks but then I was just meh about them so I stopped wearing them. Not to worry, they'll be up for sale along with a bunch of other stuff by the end of the month as I am ready to part with some items I've literally never worn and let them go to a good home instead of hoarding.  

So be on the lookout for a closet sale announcement in the next few weeks. 

What are you crushing on right now? 


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