Good Eats: Tour de Fork Date Night!

As I was doing a clean up of my phone over the weekend and trying to upload the photos onto my laptop I stumbled across all the pics from our  2015 #DorseySummerofFood . It was fun to scroll through and see all the fabulous stuff we tried and laugh at the randomness of some of the shots. But then I also realized, there were a few that I hadn't posted about here. Sure there were a flood of photos on my Insta but I never actually wrote about my experiences there. 

So I figured, no time like the present as most of these events are coming up again and it would be a good time to try and get a jump on tickets! I got invited to the Tour de Fork at Victoria Gardens and they were gracious enough to include a plus one so I asked my husband on a midweek foodie date.

Unlimited tastings and up to five beverage tastings? What's not to enjoy? The fact that I got to hang out with my guy and continue the birthday celebration was just icing on the cupcake.  It was great because while Victoria Garden's is semi-local, we don't get to hang out there as much as we'd like. 

There were a variety of restaurants and fine dining establishments represented as well as wine and beer for tasting. I love that the whole point is to take people on a culinary adventure and expose them to try foods they maybe wouldn't consider usually.   

Of course we ate ourselves silly and were "those people" taking pictures of all our food. I get some folks are weirded out by all the constant photographing but if I don't document it, how will I be able to share the experience and get other people just as excited as I am? I was absolutely amazing food! People should know about this! 

One of our favorite burger places, Slater's 50/50 , was there and giving out generous sized samples that we happily destroyed. 

If you don't know about Slater's, well you better ask somebody (or go to their website) and then get yourself down to their establishment, cuz honey, if you like just need to go. Trust me. All I will say is bacon ketchup, bacon salt and bacon in your burger. 
Whoomp there it is. 

 D found a brewery with several beers he liked and quickly took advantage of his beverage tastings.  I took that opportunity to wander off in search of other intriguing epicurean delights. 

While meandering, I found myself a nice glass of rose and made do with that. I wish I remembered the name of the winery I got it from but oh, well, there's always this year! Ha! 

As soon as I saw that N7 Creamery was there I did a happy dance. I had the pleasure of going to a tasting of theirs awhile back with the kids but hadn't yet introduced it to the hubs. 

  I mean! Hello salted caramel goodness! How do you turn that down? This was the first line we encountered the whole evening and while it wasn't super fun to wait and watch other people moan with pleasure the moment the first spoonful hit their lips at that point we were committed. 

It was our last stop before things wound down for the night and D agreed the line was well worth the wait.  There is something about the way they make their ice cream that is just divine. There was a frozen hot chocolate that I sampled as well but the caramel cream was speaking to me. 

If you're a foodie and local to the Inland Empire I would definitely look into getting tickets to this event in 2016. They weren't terribly pricey when you consider all that is included and the variety of dishes and desserts you can try it truly is worth it. We'll definitely be going back this year as it was just too fun to pass up. 


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