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Local Tourist: Strawberry Farm Shenanigans

  Fruit is one of the few things that I've always been a fan of. As a picky eater growing up, I always knew that I could turn to fruit as my option if they were serving things that I wasn't a fan of. Strawberries have always been one of my favorites. I have memories of being a little girl, riding in the back seat of my dad's car and him pulling off into some dusty side stand to pick the best and juiciest strawberries from the baskets presented. There were always samples to be had and my fingers were for sure red and mouth sticky by the time we got back in the car. I loved it.  To this day I can't help but wonder what the berries are looking like at every stand we pass and being in southern California a 12 month growing season, California strawberries aren't hard to find but can be hard to pass up. My dad is one of those people that can't pass them up and lucky for me if he sees some when he's on his way to my house he'll waste no time scoopi
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Local Hangs: Brunchin Like Whoa

I fully admit to being a little bit anal and OCD about my schedule and my calendar organization. Even if I might forget about an event or two (likely because it was NOT on my calendar or was told to my husband) I am 100% committed to being organized about my activities. And its not like I do SO MUCH all the time, but with kids, shit and last minute birthday parties happen so I do my best to stay on top of things. In that regard, I've made it a point to schedule out time with friends and family (husband included) as often as my time and budget allow. It makes me feel good knowing I have set times to see people and keeps me accountable. Cuz I'm also a low-key flaker. Because introverted Gemini. I got issues. Some time last year, my youngest sister-in-love and I were discussing our love of brunch and mimosas and talked up "getting brunch" on a double date. Great! We're so excited and thrilled to be setting this up, but life being what it is, our sch

Rawwwr - Baby Ninja is Four!

It's no secret that Baby Ninja is a little obsessed with all things dinosaur. So it only made sense that the theme for his 4th birthday party was ......Rawwr! You guessed it, dinosaurs galore!  There were TONS of ideas on Pinterest which I wasted no time adding to my board and then obsessing over. Seriously. So. Many. Fabulous. Ideas. I admittedly got a little stuck and overwhelmed and then carried away all in a matter of hours.  However, once I got a hold of myself I narrowed it down to what I was REALLY capable of pulling off.  Read: what I wasn't going to do was go nuts over a bunch of details that only the adults were going to appreciate.  While out shopping for supplies for the party we were hosting at home I came across the cutest dinosaur cake toppers and cupcake wrappers that I couldn't resist scooping up to take as a treat to his classmates.  I mean, it came complete with little candies as "spikes"! How could I NOT? 

Kickin It Old School

A few weeks ago, I posted about my Gift Card Wish list and there were a few pairs of sneakers on there that were speaking to me. After a bit of deliberation and despite the opinion of my bestie, I went ahead and ordered some kicks that were a little bit out of the box for me. But I was digging them hard . Still, I was nervous until they arrived and I tried them on. And then I fell hella hard in love with them. They were exactly what I had hoped and they were pretty comfortable! Say what!?  Of course, I took them for a spin in Target because 1) it was Tuesday #targettuesday 2) what better way to break them in? It was either that or IKEA, Target was just closer. They're an updated version of the classic Cortez but not? I'll fully admit I was still unsure until I wore them the second time if I REALLY liked them and the way they looked on ME or if just liked the image they matched in my head.  But then I threw them on with my sweatshirts and was like