Resting Brunch Face

You might recall a few weeks back that I was crushing on this sweatshirt from Dear Naturalista and had it on my wish list. Obviously I made it mine, but being me, had to wait until I'd gotten my hair done to wear it. Call me crazy or vain, but I have a thing about wearing clothes or outfits I've been crushing on when I'm not feeling my hair. Especially when I have a particular look in mind. Also - it was time for a change. I'd had bangs for almost two months and while they were fun, I was over them. This is also why I don't mess with my own hair as much. After I mistakenly took my postpartum hair as permanence and decided to throw in too many highlights, I learned I'd rather experiment with a protective style rather than damage my own hair. 

When I looked at my calendar for the week and saw that brunch with my sister in love was scheduled for the weekend I automatically knew what I was going to wear. I mean, coming off of Bey's video and performance I was FEELING myself and I wanted the world to know, I came to slay. And the James Republic was the perfect place to showcase my slayage.  

Not gonna lie, I was pretty excited my hair was cooperating and it didn't take forever to 'get right'. I had someplace else to go later in the afternoon and had no desire to have to worry about my curls lasting all day. And y'all won't believe the amount of comments I got on my sweatshirt from ERRYBODY in the restaurant, on the street and throughout the rest of the day. That obviously made me feel good as it's a piece that I love and am happy to have invested in. The fact that it's hella soft inside is just icing on the cake. 

I had to hip my sister in love to the art of taking outfit photos for me ("Don't take one, take 37!" At least.) but she ended up killing it and I'm super happy with the way they came out. Cuz in reality, this isn't some super stylized outfit shoot that I'll end up photo shopping the hell out of just to get the right light and angles. It's just me on a Saturday, brunching in my old 'hood with my sister friend, enjoying the summer-like weather and bottomless mimosas. 

And can we talk about how I pretty much live in these jeans? I tried to wear some without holes in the knees a few weeks back (when it was much colder) and it just didn't feel right. Even though they're lacking front pockets, a fact I perpetually forget, they're hella comfortable and hit at just length round my ankles. And y'all know my love for leopard is real so the kicks are a no brainer for taking me from the brunch life to the mama life in the time it takes to cruise down the freeway.
And honestly, that's what the style posts on this blog are all about. That's what I'm all about really.  Real life style for real life. 


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