London Calling

this accurately sums us up.

Saturday one of my best friends hopped on a flight to London. That sentence is hardly extraordinary nor is the act out of character for her, but this is different. This time, she's not coming back in a few days or weeks.
She's moving. 
A few months back she was offered an awesome and amazing opportunity that she has worked so hard for and is so deserving of. So she said yes.  And I am uber proud of her. Like parental proud. Cuz that's my girl
I know how far she's come. I know how hard she's worked. I was there when it all started (sort of) being that we met my sophomore/ her junior year in college. 
I had no idea then that she and I would become who we are. Nor that our friendship would have grown and sustained throughout all the time space and changes life has thrown at us.
She is my ride or die. For real. Like she would totally drive the getaway car if I needed her to even though she'd have serious reservations about it. But she would understand cuz #pettywap. She'd also have secured us an alibi (Hey Seesey) and prepared for any other contigencies cuz that's how she rolls. This is also why we're friends.

the college years

I am in awe of her intelligence and poise and sometimes I wonder how (how Sway??) she has remained by my side for all these years. Y'all know I'm a hot mess. But no matter what has happened she has been there. And I for her. As much as I could and as much as she'd let me because at the end of the day she's still a Virgo and gonna do it her way.

No - this Saturday was different. My phone rang while I was mid taco + margarita at birthday party and I text her as much. "I'm on the plane" was all I got back.
I swallowed my bite as I rushed outside to hear better. When she picked up I could hear the pre-flight announcements and my heart seemed to sink and soar at the same time.
THIS was it. 
The moment she/we had been waiting for. 
Because I wear my heart on my sleeve and lack a filter I told her I was sad and going to cry and true to form started sniveling right away. I want her to go, I am excited for her adventure. But damn I'm going to miss my friend. We quickly said our goodbyes and I said something foolish cuz that's what I do, she laughed cuz that's what she does and I went in the house and cried into my margarita. 

Go best fren, that's my best fren.

When she first told me about the offer around thanksgiving, I legit squealed in Sprouts. I knew she was going to crush the interview and when she called me after I told her - "You got this. #putitintheuniverse "
And she did.
And I am thrilled. I am also selfishly sad. Sure, she was currently residing in Nashville and I live in California. And so what if we only saw each other a few times a year (although last year was AWESOME for girl time) ?  Those times were OUR times. And they could be counted on. We have a standing post-thanksgiving brunch date that will most likely be missed this year. OR it could just happen across the pond. 
But still.  Now I'm really going to have to calculate the time difference for texting as I am the queen of the late night WC early morning EC nonsense text and we'll have to actually schedule our face timing instead of just winging it. 

Seesey, T, and me. Resting Brunch Face like what. 

So yeah - I have the sads. 
Cuz my girl, she's super fuckin' rad. 
And then I think of all the new adventures that we can have in another country and my sadness lifts a bit. Because it's not about how I feel. It's about her.
She is taking a huge leap and the amount of faith and trust she has in herself is being put to the test. She's not alone of course because she's hella international, but I know when she finally steps into her space, sets her bags down and takes in her surroundings, there is going to be an indescribable feeling.
Both fear, joy, and excitement at the opportunity of it all. 
And I wish I could be there to witness that because she is so deserving of all of it and I know she's going to continue to be more than amazing. 
Because that what she does. 
She's a boss ass chick.


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