Let's Fall In Love: 50 Dates Challenge

Last year I remember scrolling IG and seeing my blogging friend Ashlee post a Flipagram with the tag #50thomasdatesin2014 and throughout the year saw other blogging friends labeling photos "date 12/50" etc. Meanwhile, my name twin Talk to Amber and I had brunch and a long chat about being wives/mothers and having regular date nights and she told me how she and her husband had planned theirs out in advance  and I loved the idea. But then life happened and we just kept on doing what we had always been doing. Don't get me wrong, D and I do pretty well in the #datingyourspouse department but they have sort of become.....expected (?) dates. I.E. anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's etc with a few other miscellaneous nights thrown in for good measure. And they are for sure not planned out in advance. 

We used to do Wednesday night movie nights at home while I was postpartum but stopped as sleep patterns were put to the test and required multiple trips upstairs and pausing of said movies. So we put it on the back burner a bit. Because we were being held hostage by a tiny (albeit adorable) terrorist. But in the last year or so we really stepped our game up. Last year was the #dorseysummeroffood and we had many a date stuffing our faces and soaking up the California culture. This year, I want us to be more intentional with our dates so we decided to take on the 50 dates challenge.

Basically, it is what it says it is, a challenge to you and your significant other to get in 50 dates over the course of 2016. It doesn't sound like a lot right? Seems easy enough until you start to pull out your calendar to schedule them.  But the beauty of this challenge is that it's going to require some creativity as budgets are a real thing in my house and also because D is going to have to plan some of these dates as well. And by plan, I mean block out time on the calendar as well as coordinate a sitter and come up with the plan. I'm pretty excited about it. They don't have to be super extravagant because really it's about the experience, being intentional about spending time together and creating these new memories together. Also - I love a good challenge.

Naturally we decided to go big and have our first two dates of the year back to back.  That Saturday night was our "annual" January date for D's BFF's birthday (dinner & movie) and we made a whole night of it. It was like we were back in college again and we whooped it up big time. Sunday was date #2 and this time is was a retirement party/birthday dinner for MY BFF's mama. 

We had a GRAND time meeting the familia and cutting a rug with the more "seasoned" set. We got to to get dressed up (heyyy sequins) and it was kind of perfect as the next was MLK Day and we had the day off to reminisce about the fun we had, compare stories from moments we missed and recharge for the week ahead. We were off to a great start! 

But then the rest of the month went rushing by and because we didn't plan; we didn't get the other dates in. No worries, we'll just make it up elsewhere.

So here's the game plan:

  • 50 Dates in 2016 - That's roughly 4 dates a month which is totally do-able if planned properly. Also, dates can also include trips away just the two of us because heyy second honeymoon. 
  • At the end of each month we'll sit down and schedule out what dates we're planning, how much we'll need and also if a baby sitter is required. 
  • Think outside the box - get back to the "broke dating" we did in college.
  • Pics or it didn't happen! 

** there may be a caveat where a trip will count for a month of dates, my husband and all his friends turn 40 this year and I know someone is going to want to get out of town at some point.

We're both really excited for this challenge and know that we're going to have to step things up if we truly plan to meet our goal of all 50 dates (we've got 48 to go!) 

So, are you into it? Join us in the challenge and follow along the #50dorseydates16 and tag your own photos #C2C50dates and maybe you'll be entered to win a fun prize at the end of the challenge (wink, wink). I'd love to see what other couples are up to and steal your ideas! 

Happy dating! 


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