Cuz I Slay, We Slay and the Badassery that is Beyonce

So this past weekend might have just been the blackest thing that has ever happened during Black History month. 
Friday night was the much anticipated NAACP Image Awards where EVERYBODY showed up and showed OUT , sans Stacey Dash of course. Anthony Anderson opened the show with a rap detailing WHY the awards are so dope while emulating N.W.A and it was dope. That pretty much kicked off my weekend feeling of slayage. 

And then - Beyonce went and dropped a video on a Saturday afternoon while most of us were still recovering from brunch or the night before. I didn't even find out about it until late Saturday afternoon, but was still in no rush to view it. While I enjoy Bey's music, I'm not a  card carrying member of the Beyhive but like Luvvie said, I'd like to come to this week's meeting.  After I kept seeing all my FAVES on FB talking about the video and highlighting specific portions I finally took a moment to view it. 
I wasn't ready. Formation is EVERYTHING. 
Bey woke the hell up and wanted everyone to know. And I am ALL THE WAY here for it. ALL. THE.WAY. 

Her use of symbolism, imagery and language is not lost on me or anyone else. Girlfriend knows exactly what she is doing and what message she was trying to convey. Some are only going to see her dancing in a (pseudo) body suit. The rest of us see a woman using her star power to call attention to the issues of the day. FINALLY.  
Paying homage to her creole and southern roots she spoke to my soul and I have not been right since. There was/is so much to process and I'm still working it all out in my head and with others on FB. Because damn Bey.

She sank a cop car. In New Orleans. In the heart of the city that was ravaged by water. Where no one came to their aid. She sunk it with the sheer force of her body. She sacrificed herself like the holy mother and went down with the ship. In the realest way.  She let it be known she's not here to play with y'all, your conspiracy theories and or what folks have to say about her baby and her man. 

Oh, and it was Super Bowl weekend. Knowing the world is watching and waiting for her to perform "with" Cold Play. - she WENT.THERE.  The way we all hoped she would. 
Across the bay from Oakland where they first launched their free lunch program, Bey's dancers paid homage to the Black Panthers with their berets and unabashedly black natural hair. And then she and Bruno had a dance battle dressed in all black like the omen and the undercurrents running through that stadium were PALPABLE. The symbolism y'all. It's so deep there will be discussions for months to come. 

And on top of ALL of that? She announced a freaking tour this summer. Right after the performance. Who does that?Beyonce. That's who.
Tickets to the Formation tour will go on pre-sale Tuesday. Regular tickets go on sale next Tuesday. 
She clearly gives no fucks about anyone's rent, bills, kids that need shoes or Valentine's plans. I have never been to a Beyonce concert and was side-eyeing the hell out of folks for spending so much for On The Run tickets but please believe I will be utilizing all of my resources to score a pair of tix to this show. Cuz damn. Game over.

Yeah,Luvvie took the words right out of my mouth calling her the Matron Saint of Fuck Your Feelings and I'm gonna nod my head furiously in agreement cuz yeah. Homegirl came all the way through. 

Have you seen the video yet? What are your thoughts on it?


  1. See is dominating, loved it all and your recap was nothing less than fantastic ;) #weslay

    XO Chelsea


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