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London Calling

Saturday one of my best friends hopped on a flight to London. That sentence is hardly extraordinary nor is the act out of character for her, but this is different. This time, she's not coming back in a few days or weeks.
She's moving. 
A few months back she was offered an awesome and amazing opportunity that she has worked so hard for and is so deserving of. So she said yes.  And I am uber proud of her. Like parental proud. Cuz that's my girl
I know how far she's come. I know how hard she's worked. I was there when it all started (sort of) being that we met my sophomore/ her junior year in college. 
I had no idea then that she and I would become who we are. Nor that our friendship would have grown and sustained throughout all the time space and changes life has thrown at us.
She is my ride or die. For real. Like she would totally drive the getaway car if I needed her to even though she'd have serious reservations about it. But she would understand cuz #pettywap. S…

Resting Brunch Face

You might recall a few weeks back that I was crushing on this sweatshirt from Dear Naturalista and had it on my wish list. Obviously I made it mine, but being me, had to wait until I'd gotten my hair done to wear it. Call me crazy or vain, but I have a thing about wearing clothes or outfits I've been crushing on when I'm not feeling my hair. Especially when I have a particular look in mind. Also - it was time for a change. I'd had bangs for almost two months and while they were fun, I was over them. This is also why I don't mess with my own hair as much. After I mistakenly took my postpartum hair as permanence and decided to throw in too many highlights, I learned I'd rather experiment with a protective style rather than damage my own hair. 

When I looked at my calendar for the week and saw that brunch with my sister in love was scheduled for the weekend I automatically knew what I was going to wear. I mean, coming off of Bey's video and performance I was FE…

Always and Forever, Daddy's Little Girl

I've always been what you might call a "Daddy's Girl" my dad is my homie and in my eyes, the dopest thing ever. He's smart, honest and kind and he's always been there when I needed it. Right now our relationship is amazing but it has taken years to get it this way.  
When I was younger, I was very much in awe of my father. He was an imposing figure in my head and because of his arduous work schedule as an OBGYN he was only "sort of" around. My parents were also separated for years so it was completley normal to not really have my dad "there" in the everyday sense but he was there. I have always known that. He was still my hero in a sense  and I was a 'good girl' but because he was so busy he became an afterthought for my brother and I. We found ourselves spending most holidays with our mom and her group of girlfriends and our godsisters. By the time I left for college I barely spent any time with my dad at all. But I was too busy wi…

The Future is HERE with Macy's Black History Month

*This post was sponspred by Everywhere Agency; however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

It's that time of year again, where I get to work with Macy's and meet some of my favorite celebs and talk about style and the future of black women in the arts as it relates to fashion and history. I kind of love this about my job. I get to mix my favorites subjects, with my love of Black History and have the opportunity to hob-knob with women I've admired and watched grow up over the years. You may remember last year, I met June Ambrose and Johnetta Boone. I've continued to be inspired by both women ever since so I'm really looking forward to this year's event as well. 

Seriously, I remember seeing Jurnee on "The Cosby Show" and in "Eve's Bayou" and thought she was just the cutest. Having watched her grow into a young woman it's been fun to see her style evolve as she has. Monica will also be in the house and I'm SUPER geeked. I…

Cuz I Slay, We Slay and the Badassery that is Beyonce

So this past weekend might have just been the blackest thing that has ever happened during Black History month. 
Friday night was the much anticipated NAACP Image Awards where EVERYBODY showed up and showed OUT , sans Stacey Dash of course. Anthony Anderson opened the show with a rap detailing WHY the awards are so dope while emulating N.W.A and it was dope. That pretty much kicked off my weekend feeling of slayage. 

And then - Beyonce went and dropped a video on a Saturday afternoon while most of us were still recovering from brunch or the night before. I didn't even find out about it until late Saturday afternoon, but was still in no rush to view it. While I enjoy Bey's music, I'm not a  card carrying member of the Beyhive but like Luvvie said, I'd like to come to this week's meeting.  After I kept seeing all my FAVES on FB talking about the video and highlighting specific portions I finally took a moment to view it. 
I wasn't ready. Formation is EVERYTHING.