Black & Gray ALL Day

It's no secret that I love a graphic tee. Particularly those with catchy sayings on them as they relate to drinking or parenting. Ripped jeans and a graphic tee is pretty much my outfit of choice most days because it's really simple for me. I don't have to worry to much about accessorizing or add a 'pop of color' and on the days when I simply have no idea what to wear, they make my closet a less intimidating place to be. Last month I lucked up and scored a major haul at my brother in law's job. He's a graphic designer and works for the company that creates the designs on all my favorites tees/tanks and sweatshirts. Sweet Pea and I basically bought our weight in tees and have been rocking the crap out of them ever since. It's basically heaven. 

However, this sweatshirt was NOT part of that fabulous haul. No, like most of my favorite pieces, this sweatshirt has a story. See, I saw it in Target a few months back while I was literally SPRINTING through there to get a few things before grabbing the kids, and it caught my eye but I was like, 'mehhh rose is kind of trendy, so maybe no?' and kept it pushing. But it stuck with me, as certain pieces are want to do, and lo and behold it appeared on my IG explorer page one day. Styled in a way that made me look twice at it. And then again on Pinterest via someone's blog post. So I quickly went to that person's post looking for the link and found that the sweatshirt was from freaking Target but it was sold out! What the crap!? 

Oh well right? So a few days later, I'm making my usual weekly trip and scanning the racks for items to post cuz sharing is caring, and THERE.IT.IS. Tucked away at the back of a rack along the wall and I wouldn't have even seen it had I not been looking for something else. I quickly checked the sizes and found none in mine. Gah! What was the universe trying to tell me? No? Really? Ugghh. Okay fine.

Not even two days later I was back at the bulls-eye and found myself wandering over to the clothing section ( I went in for saline solution) and again there it was. I sighed and ran my hands over it as I just knew it was still the wrong size but then....but THEN IT WASN'T!!! It was just my size!! So I snatched it up and ran down toward the checkout with glee. Even though I hadn't planned on spending that money at the moment I am totally happy with my purchase.

 It's super soft inside and I'm obsessed with the fit. I was originally unsure of how warm it would be, being somewhat off -the-shoulder, but because it's so cozy inside it's kind of perfect. And obviously the color palette fits right in line with my preferred uniform of black, white and grey. I've worn the sweatshirt about half a dozen times since purchasing just before Christmas so I'd say I've gotten my money's worth and will continue to do so. Pairing it with all of my different hats from beanies to wide brimmed fedoras and my new bangs has been super fun as well. AND it also pairs well with my favorite "sweats" so that elevates my lounge lizard look as well. 

Also- at this point I think I'm holding it down in the "owns all the champagne related tanks/tops/sweatshirts/tees" department. Just saying. 

What's your go-to color combo? 


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