Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Gift Card Wish List

All year long I have a serious case of the "I wants". and sometimes I'm able to knock some of those items off of my, seemingly endless, list thanks to sales, good timing and socking away extra cash for those MUST HAVE NOW items. However, when it comes time for Christmas or my birthday and people ask me what I want; I can't seem to think of a thing. Not. one. thing. This, from a person who basically "shops" for a living (for other people) and has an extensive 'wish list' on Amazon. But nope. I got nothing. Which of course leaves gift cards as the only viable option for folks to go. I'm not mad about it. I appreciate the gift card. They are the gift that keeps on giving as I can use it for as long and as much or as little as I want until it runs out. This makes me happy. I'm able to purchase items across a variety of merchants and continue my love of supporting small businesses.

Gift Card Wish List

NIKE shoes / NIKE shoes / Cravings Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat / #Truthbomb Card Deck Volume 2 / I'll Never Write My Memoirs / Notorious RBG The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg / You Are a Badass How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living... / Dear Naturalista / Dear Naturalista / Pine cone home decor / Maven Brand Limited Edition "NSD GREY" Crewneck / Sip Champagne / Dear Naturalista

This year was no exception as I blanked on anything that really made my heart skip a beat until the last minute. I also have a hard time letting anyone purchase clothing for me unless I'm physically present. I don't know why, maybe it's a control thing or the fact that I'm sort of perpetually shopping my own closet while grabbing items here and there. But shoes I'm okay with. Weird. 
Anyway- I have a little extra cash on some gift cards I've been hoarding as well as a nice size one I got for Christmas from my dad. And because I'm visual, Polyvore is my jam. This helped me narrow things down a bit. 
Books are at the top of my list always and I've had my eye on "You're A Badass" for awhile but it got buried in my Amazon book list so I think it's time to go ahead and bring it on home. Particularly since badassery is kind of my theme this year. And  you know who else embodies BADASSERY? Grace Jones that's who. I've been intrigued by her since I first saw her in a James Bond film as a kid so I can't wait to dive in to her 'memoirs' also, I'm nosy as hell so I want to know the scoop on her. Same goes for RBG. Sing it with me...No-no-notorious!
My penchant for graphic tees and sweatshirts continues to grow out of control and I am hardcore in love with all of these. Quoting Biggie on a tee with gold lettering? Yes, please. Supporting my friend Keinon from The Maven Brand with this "Never Sold Dope" sweatshirt because, hey - NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE. So yeah. May even score one for the hubs too. Because statements.
And then, I recently discovered DearNaturlista and this sweatshirt is like whoa. I obviously need that. But then they also have really cute coffee mugs and I seem to be hell bent on garnering an epic collection of those as well so..... It seems silly to be so excited about a simple saying on a mug but it really does make a difference and I'm all about life's simple little pleasures whenever and wherever I can take them so I'm buying them ALL. Well not ALL. But you get it. 
And let's talk kicks now shall we? I'm kind of obsessed with both of these and a few others. I don't know what it is. The black & white ones are more "me" but are sold out everywhere. The black and grey ones aren't my usual steez but I dig them so hard I don't know what to do. I can see several ways I'd style them and since that's my usual rule (maybe I should do a few outfits on Polyvore?) I think it's a sign. Or maybe I just want it to be. Either way, I think they will be finding their way to my doorstep shortly. And the pinecone? That's just one of my all-time-favorite candles that smells amazing and lasts forever. 

How do you spend your holiday cash/gift cards?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


At some point last fall I put out into the universe that I wanted some new ink before the year was up.
I knew if I did that someone out there would ask me about it and I'd sort of be forced to follow through. So while I was sort of still on the fence about it, I put it out there to hold myself accountable. That turned out to be a really good thing.

Wanting another tattoo didn't just come out of nowhere, I've had it on my brain for quite some time. In fact my IG friend Heidi drew me up a design that I was smitten with about a year or so ago and it's been sitting on my Pinterest board ever since. My commitment phobia issues start to arise when I think about tattooing and even though I have four others, with the exception of the first two, they were years apart. But in my mind I have delusions? visions of being this tattooed writing mama and it kind of scares me because I don't know anybody personally like that but it also excites me. I like the idea of being 'other' a bit. Even though tattoos are more culturally normative now than they were years ago and you're more likely to find more than one mom with some hidden ink in the parking lot. Actually you're apt to find a LOT of mamas with visible ink these days. And I'm all for that.


So here it was November and I was into my feelings and just typed it out before I even thought it through. And now that it was out there, I was going to be held to it. Before I could think on it too much on it my spiritual sista Michelle reminded me of her friend Sarah who does tattoos. A female tattoo artist? Yes please? I'm in a place of really wanting to be surrounded by positive female energy and Michelle is basically that personified, so when she said Sarah was cool, I was down. I already had an idea of the tattoo in my head. I was going through a thang and a phrase was turning over and over in my head and I knew without a doubt I had to make this happen. So I reached out to Sarah and immediately fell in love with her energy over IM. I sent her the rough ideas I had and she immediately responded with a date. WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK. Oh. Um. Wow. Okay. That was much sooner than expected. I was thinking I'd have at least a few weeks to hem and haw about it but nope. Sarah was just like, Let me know when you're ready. which was just what I needed. So I sat on it for a week and then set up the appointment.

I didn't say a word but to maybe three people. That was hard for me. But it was something I had to do and I didn't want anyone to try and talk me out of it or raise an eyebrow at my design idea.
The drive down was nerve wracking to say the least. I was a little bit scurred as it's been almost a decade since I got my last tattoo. And that hurt like a mother bear. So yeah. Nerves. But then I got to Sarah's shop and her vibe is so chill and inviting and it smelled nice and I immediately felt at ease.  We fell into easy conversation as I pulled up my inspiration images and she went to sketching out the design. Soon it was time and she set up all her equipment and explained everything she was doing and how she would be going about tattooing my skin. I was excited while my heart was beating out of my chest so naturally I took some pics and posted them because comfort.


The initial prick was painful but not more than I could handle, I've had two c-sections so this was not so bad but still. But after awhile the pain went away and I spent the rest of the time trying to text left handed and figure out what I was going to eat for lunch.

Before I knew it she was done and we were both admiring her handiwork. As she snapped a few photos for her portfolio she asked if she could add a little more detail and I said sure. It's her art after all. So she quickly set me back up and refined the feathers. We snapped a few more pics, she wrapped me up, we hugged and I went on about my day with a bit of a skip in my step.
I ran by my dad's house for paper towels (don't judge he over buys) and couldn't wait to show off my new ink. He didn't even bat an eye other than to ask what my husband thought. I replied I hadn't showed him yet.( he actually first laid eyes on it on Instagram) and then I went to pick up my kids from school. Typical Wednesday.

Except it wasn't. Everything about this experience was sort of magical in that it all just fell into place. I started thinking on my design and fell in love with the feather pen and the idea of it writing and it Sarah brought it to life. It's incredibly feminine and exactly what I had in mind. I already told her I want her to do my next one some time in the next month or so. Because yeah, they are addicting but I've had this on my brain for a long long time. It's finally time I started acting on the things I dream about.

How do you feel about moms with visible tattoos? Do you have any tattoos?
Also, if you're local to So Cal and looking to get inked do yourself a favor and check out Sarah at CareCosmedic. She truly is a talented soul. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Black & Gray ALL Day

It's no secret that I love a graphic tee. Particularly those with catchy sayings on them as they relate to drinking or parenting. Ripped jeans and a graphic tee is pretty much my outfit of choice most days because it's really simple for me. I don't have to worry to much about accessorizing or add a 'pop of color' and on the days when I simply have no idea what to wear, they make my closet a less intimidating place to be. Last month I lucked up and scored a major haul at my brother in law's job. He's a graphic designer and works for the company that creates the designs on all my favorites tees/tanks and sweatshirts. Sweet Pea and I basically bought our weight in tees and have been rocking the crap out of them ever since. It's basically heaven. 

However, this sweatshirt was NOT part of that fabulous haul. No, like most of my favorite pieces, this sweatshirt has a story. See, I saw it in Target a few months back while I was literally SPRINTING through there to get a few things before grabbing the kids, and it caught my eye but I was like, 'mehhh rose is kind of trendy, so maybe no?' and kept it pushing. But it stuck with me, as certain pieces are want to do, and lo and behold it appeared on my IG explorer page one day. Styled in a way that made me look twice at it. And then again on Pinterest via someone's blog post. So I quickly went to that person's post looking for the link and found that the sweatshirt was from freaking Target but it was sold out! What the crap!? 

Oh well right? So a few days later, I'm making my usual weekly trip and scanning the racks for items to post cuz sharing is caring, and THERE.IT.IS. Tucked away at the back of a rack along the wall and I wouldn't have even seen it had I not been looking for something else. I quickly checked the sizes and found none in mine. Gah! What was the universe trying to tell me? No? Really? Ugghh. Okay fine.

Not even two days later I was back at the bulls-eye and found myself wandering over to the clothing section ( I went in for saline solution) and again there it was. I sighed and ran my hands over it as I just knew it was still the wrong size but then....but THEN IT WASN'T!!! It was just my size!! So I snatched it up and ran down toward the checkout with glee. Even though I hadn't planned on spending that money at the moment I am totally happy with my purchase.

 It's super soft inside and I'm obsessed with the fit. I was originally unsure of how warm it would be, being somewhat off -the-shoulder, but because it's so cozy inside it's kind of perfect. And obviously the color palette fits right in line with my preferred uniform of black, white and grey. I've worn the sweatshirt about half a dozen times since purchasing just before Christmas so I'd say I've gotten my money's worth and will continue to do so. Pairing it with all of my different hats from beanies to wide brimmed fedoras and my new bangs has been super fun as well. AND it also pairs well with my favorite "sweats" so that elevates my lounge lizard look as well. 

Also- at this point I think I'm holding it down in the "owns all the champagne related tanks/tops/sweatshirts/tees" department. Just saying. 

What's your go-to color combo? 


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