Party Over Hair

Earlier this year I went out on a limb (at least for me) and tried crochet braids for the first time. I was hella nervous about suddenly going from super straight pressed hair to big crinkly curls overnight but I figured it was pretty much the same as getting a weave right? So I took the plunge and I loved it.
And so did everyone else. I switched up from the Water Wave to the GoGo Curl and fell in love even more. THIS was the big curly hair I'd been yearning for. It was fabulous to be able to just shake my hair out in the morning and roll out the door. The whole 'the bigger the hair the harder they stare" concept absolutely rang true and while at times it did feel as though all eyes were on me and my hair,which made me self conscious, I loved it all the same. It felt like me.

It commanded attention and sometimes got in the way , covering friends faces during pictures but it was great. I was able to experiment with some highlights and not have to worry about damaging my own precious locks in the process. My own hair is healthier because I haven't put as much stress on it and I'm just like, "why did I not do this sooner?"

Now it's the Fall/early Winter and I am itching to switch things up. I still want to give my hair a bit of a break so that means extensions or braids of some kind and ever since I noticed Ciara's post baby style game I've had major hair envy. She recently cut it into a lob and it's sort of all I can think about. Between her, Kela Walker and Gabrielle Union  I have all kinds of #hairgoals for both my natural hair and the style I choose to rock this winter.

This also brings into discussion the topic of bangs. Let's face it, the minute you start thinking about cutting your hair you think about bangs because they can totally change your whole look. But they're also a pain in the ass to style and deal with on a daily basis. But maybe weave bangs would be different? I don't know. 
I do know that I am ready for a change. I've enjoyed rocking these curls but I am ready for some hats!

And can we just talk about Gabby and her bomb ass braids that got me wanting to run down to the beauty supply and buy up ALL the Black Velvet hair for some. She almost makes me forget how long I'll be sitting to get them down and how long it will take to take them out. But dammit if she doesn't have me re-thinking my refusal to sit for so long.

Sigh. I love my hair, I really do, and I'm focusing on taking better care of it in 2016 and learning; like really learning how to style it to match my mood and in a manner that's flattering to the texture.
But until then, I'm going to play around as much as I can with my look.

So the real question is: Does she bang or not?


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