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The Wiz LIVE! - DVD Giveaway!

Like many black families, Thursday December 3rd was a day we had been looking forward to for weeks. The Wiz was going to be performed live on prime time television and we couldn't have been more excited. Back when NBC announced The Wiz as their next live production my social media channels have been buzzing with excitement. The internet cast and re-cast the production based on their memories of the movie classic with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.

I made sure the kids were bathed and dinner was done well before 8pm so we were all settled in on the couch and ready to watch. No one spoke until after the commercial break except BabyNinja when he said, "Oh Mommy Dorofy, yooks yike you. Her hair's curly too!" That just made my heart melt. That's honestly never happened before. My kids have never compared an actress on TV to me. Not once. Needless to say I was on a total high for the rest of the show.  It was based on the stage production of The Wiz and not the movie…

Party Over Hair

Earlier this year I went out on a limb (at least for me) and tried crochet braids for the first time. I was hella nervous about suddenly going from super straight pressed hair to big crinkly curls overnight but I figured it was pretty much the same as getting a weave right? So I took the plunge and I loved it.
And so did everyone else. I switched up from the Water Wave to the GoGo Curl and fell in love even more. THIS was the big curly hair I'd been yearning for. It was fabulous to be able to just shake my hair out in the morning and roll out the door. The whole 'the bigger the hair the harder they stare" concept absolutely rang true and while at times it did feel as though all eyes were on me and my hair,which made me self conscious, I loved it all the same. It felt like me.

It commanded attention and sometimes got in the way , covering friends faces during pictures but it was great. I was able to experiment with some highlights and not have to worry about damaging my ow…