Ripped Jeans + Red Lips

A few weeks ago I was feeling less than inspired by my wardrobe. I would stand in my closet and basically only look at one particular section of my closet like that was all I had to choose from. For some reason I was stuck in a “I have to wear a semi-profesh” looking dress to work mentality. This is SO not the case. The atmosphere at the office is super chill so the only thing that might get me noticed would be if I were to show up in a ball gown.

Working both in and out of the office full time has made it harder to keep up with my favorite blogs so I’ve had to resort to IG stalking and while doing so I realized a common theme among some of the people I followed. They were all hella fly. Some are mama’s of littles, some have teens. Their styles are all varied but there is thread of familiarity that runs through them all that inspires me.
So I wrote about it. And was duly inspired by my own work. That very weekend I made it a point to go through my drawers (working my way up to the closet) and do yet another clean-out. I focused on what my personal style has REALLY been over the last three years. I know what I’m drawn to but, I also have to think about what works in my real mom life. The true story is, while I LOVE the polished looks of some of my fave style bloggers, I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. 

That’s honestly what I feel the most comfortable in, aside from dresses in the summer.  With that in mind, I planned my outfits for the week and decided to get the party started on Monday with some fabulous heels and a bright red lip.

Y’all know I’m still a new to the red lip game so it’s still a bit of a shock to see myself with it on but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely love how it looks.

The simple combination of a graphic tank + my favorite ripped skinnies and the silver shoes did wonders for my self-esteem.  I convinced my co-worker to take some photos prior to lunch (and me ruining my red lip) and they came out crazy good. 

I was reminded how fun it was to actually “get dressed” in clothes and shoes I felt REALLY good in and loved. It was just the kick in the ass I needed to get a handle on my closet and get a grip on my look. I loved the look so much I’ve basically had it on repeat over the last few weeks. Ripped jeans + band tee + heels + lipstick were so good to me I even posted a few of the photos on IG. It felt good to be back on my #OOTD game and definitely added a little strut to my step all week as I worked at getting back to being a woman in heels. It's funny how something so small (putting on lipstick and heels) could give me the pick-me-up I so desperately needed to get back into my wardrobe and reclaim my style. I'm still working on adding jewelry back in but hey, I've gotta start somewhere right?

What do you do when you get into a style rut?


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