My cup runneth over

This year has been nuts, that is without a doubt. It might have been one of the most challenging and surprising years yet and it's still not over. There is so much drama and negativity in this world right now and it's been taking a toll on me both mentally and physically. It's all been too much at once with no end in sight. That's why I'm pretty jazzed about the upcoming holidays to be honest. I know they can be stressful with family in town and all the cooking, shopping and cleaning that needs to be done but I kind of love it. It forces me to slow down a bit and reduce the scope of my lens. I focus more on hearth and home, kith and kin.

My aunt, favorite cousin and me circa 1997

I'm super nostalgic this time of year as well as I always have fond memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends. When we first met and my husband asked what I loved SO MUCH about the holidays (which he thought were a commercial sham) I told him family. It just reminds me of home. I've always been "the baby" of our extended family so everyone went off to school and left me with all the moms and when they came home it was always such a fun and exciting time to me.  They were all so cool in my mind and I wanted to be like them, off in college and living my life (whatever that meant).

my brother, god-sisters and me circa 1994

There was a certain energy in the air that wasn't usually there and I fed off of it. I still do. I love to entertain around the holiday season for this very reason. I like to have people  in my house as much as I hate to clean up and have to deal with having people in my house. Particularly if the energy is good. Being a divorced kid the holidays have also always been a time of anxiety as I worry about who to spend the day with and how the other parent is going to feel. The older I get the less I stress about it but it's still a concern. But this year both parents are doing their own thing and our family is off to hang with our famdamily.
I'm super looking forward to it as we haven't all spent time together in awhile and it's always a good time when the kids are able to run around in a safe environment and we can all relax a bit. Well sort of. We are talking about toddlers and pre-schoolers here.
I love the traditions we are creating with our kids and I hope that as they get older they look back on this time with the same type of fondness that I do with my childhood.
I'm also REALLY excited about food, apple cider margaritas and breaking out Cards of Humanity if there's time.

What are you looking forward to this holiday season?


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