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Because Tacos Are ALWAYS A Good Idea

A few months back I saw a post on FB about something called 'Tacolandia' that was being put on by L.A. Weekly magazine. Intrigued, I clicked the link and found out this was the third year this event was being put on and featured the best of the best in tacos from all over Southern California. From Los Angeles all the way down to Baja, participants were chosen to represent their restaurant/foodtruck etc. It happened to fall on the weekend before my birthday so I was psyched!  I immediately sent out a mass text to the famdamily to make see who else wanted to go, because TACOS. Of course my food loving family was in and we all purchased tickets for this epic event. How have I missed out on this for the last three years??? June seemed like a long way off but the day finally came this past weekend. My famdamily along with about 800+ other folks headed out to downtown Los Angeles's famous Olvera Street for some tasty treats from over 80+ of the best taco vendors all over