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Dinosaurs Galore For The Boy

It seems dinosaurs and boys tend to go hand in hand. The minute we announced Baby Ninja was indeed a boy I noticed all the cheesy/ kitschy boy themed stuff was all dinosaurs, trucks and robots. I didn't really think a lot of it at the time as I had no plans to do the boys room in a 'theme' he (read I) would be stuck with for several years before needing a big boy overhaul. However, I clearly underestimated my kids innate love for the reptilian beasts as he is currently obsessed with all things dinosaur.

It started out slowly with an accidental viewing of Jurassic Park, of which he was both fascinated and terrified, and then became a full fledged obsession watching Dinosaur Train in the mornings and anything else that had dinosaurs in it. We've had fun learning about all the different species beyond the typical T-Rex and Tricertops we knew of as kids. In fact our minds were a little blown away when we realized we'd been identifying several dinosaurs incorrectly (tha…