This is how WE play + LEGOS save the day

I'll admit that when we received our first LEGOS gift one Christmas I was nervous about bringing it  home as all I could think about was all the  mommy horror stories I'd heard about pieces spread all over the floor . It's practically written into the motherhood handbook to : BE WARE THE LEGOS.

But then we opened up the box and discovered a whole new world of play with Baby Ninja. LEGOS gave us the ability to really get down on his level and let our imaginations and his run wild.  At first it was all about building and stacking to make the highest tower  possible and then promptly knocking it down but then something really cool happened.  He started to do more imaginative play and add other 'fwends' to the mix. and one day as he played and I listened absentmindedly to his toddler chatter I realized how much the LEGOS were actually teaching him. More than just something that I avoided/ dreaded stepping on, these colorful blocks were giving him a voice to act out the scenes in his head. 


I watched him do what in "real life" would be a complex geometric equation and work on spatial reasoning, fine motor skills and imaginative play all in one sitting. I was blown away. This was a legit learning tool! What the what! Maybe I'd never really paid attention to it before but you better believe I was paying attention now. This kid was actually doing things beyond the "norm" for his age simply by playing. I mean, what's not to love right? And to be fair, a little LEGO time has bought me more than my share of a few moments peace when I need to get some work done. I always know he'll play with them.


Additionally, LEGOS have been the common factor between Sweet Pea and Baby Ninja, even back when his sole enjoyment was to knock them over, they have always been able to connect while a stack of blocks lay between them. My mother-in-love is HUGE fan of playing with the LEGO Duplo blocks with Baby Ninja. They build these elaborate structures and then tell stories about the people who may live there or bring in the dinosaurs and cars to make a "town". I love that she gets down on his level and really gets into playing with him. I also love getting sent photos when I'm away of how they spent their morning listening to music and playing "building castles/houses/towers" with the blocks.

This year, for his 3rd birthday we took him to the LEGO store at Downtown Disneyland , upon which he promptly freaked out and didn't' want to leave, and treated him to one of the holy grail of toys for a young boy - the train set, complete with conductor, gas pump, a passenger and livestock to transport. Talk about hours of fun! I don't know who was more excited to get it all set up, him or my husband! They spent all day watching the train go 'round the tracks and building a train tower and more buildings for the train to roll under.  And I'll fully admit I was pretty excited to see it all come together as well. LEGOS are kinda fun man! 

So when I came home from Mom 2 Summit with the My first Playhouse set, he took one look and said "open it. Have to pway Mommy." Obviously he took me being gone for 3 days in stride.
He wasted no time in getting the box open and then dumping out the rest of his collection so he could build whatever was in his minds eye. 

A week later I was back out of town and kept getting texts from home of what they'd been building and how much fun he was having incorporating his new set. And when I walked in the door after three more days gone, he was so eager to show me his latest creation and how it all worked and what was happening  and it was so freaking cute that I completely forgot about my need for food and a long nap. I loved his excitement and hearing all about why the tools had to go in the red door and that the train was going up, up, up with the people. His little voice gets me every time. So yeah, I have no problem placing an order for another set of tracks to expand his train. I can't wait to see his face light up when we make it bigger and see what kind of other fun we can have with all the blocks.

Are you a LEGO family? What are your favorite sets?


  1. He looks like he's having a lot of fun. My kids are 9 + 6 and they love playing with Legos. They can sit and play together for hours.

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  3. I like the open play sets of LEGOs instead of the theme or brand centric ones. Gets punkn's imagination soaring.

  4. I have stepped on some Legos and I know that pain lol. But it's a great tool to stimulate kids imagination and keep them quiet for hours :)


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