The Road to Mom 2.0 - Live from the 10 Freeway

Y'all this month is FLYING by. Hell, the year really. Hard to believe we're already halfway through May and things just keep ticking along. Our social calendar has been out of control lately, our communication was out of whack and I was longing for a little R+R that could not come soon enough. Luckily, on the horizon was a highly anticipated trip to Arizona with some of my blogging loves as we ventured off for Mom 2.0 Summit at The Phoenician Resort + Hotel. I was VERY excited about this trip.

I desperately needed the break in routine and to get out of my head.
When we were just about two weeks away I was "ready to start packing NOW". . but I refrained although I studied my closet like I was going to be tested on it's contents. I tend to get either really cutthroat with my packing and do an excellent job(blissdom) or go a little nuts and bring a workable mish-mash (blogging while brown) because I can't commit. I tried to only shop my closet , with maybe one exception as I've had my eye on a TopShop tank for a while now and had planned on getting it for this occasion. And I already had my hair done (thank you crochet braids) the car was been rented, hotel booked and we had a rough idea of what time we wanted to hit the road.
Oh yeah, that's right, my faves Lori (Mommyfriend) and Xenia (Raised By Culture) and I hit going Romy and Michelle style all the way to AZ. It was a grand adventure.

Of course things didn't go as planned. The rental car wasn't ready, I left my driver's license at home, then couldn't find it, back at my house we discovered I left my CAR &HOUSE KEYS in Lori's car. Fingers and ankles were crossed that he hadn't left for work yet and you better believe I did a praise dance when he showed up with them. When we finally got on the road it seemed surreal. Like any minute now we would be stopped and told to turn around and go back to our everyday mom life. It never happened.

Now, a lot of people cringed when I told them we were driving but I was excited. I'm kind of a fan of road trips and I like nothing more than chatting about random ish as you gaze at whatever scenery there may be whizzing by. Admittedly it was my first ladies road trip (in a long time) and I get why a  lot of people get nervous about being in the car with people you only know online (Lori & Xenia had only met in person "officially" that morning), or don't know all that well. Music becomes a question and how do you work out who's paying for gas/ how often will you stop, who's driving and if you're required to bring your own snacks. The list goes on and on. But we had none of those issues. Both ladies are beyond cool and got along famously as we chatted amiably while we cruised along the 10 freeway heading east to whatever might wait for us at the foot of the mountains.

It seemed to take us both forever and no time at all to get there fortunately the conversation and company were equally awesome since the scenery was not. Once we were on the property you could literally feel the energy shift within us. We were here.Nestled in the foothills of some picturesque mountain range the Phoenician hotel rises against the backdrop like a bird from the ashes and it was here I could feel myself be renewed.
I knew that once I stepped through those doors I was going to come out a changed woman. And I was right.

Not all conferences are created equal and over the last three years I have been to my fair share and learned ever so much. Not just about the business of blogging but the space in which I live the majority of my life (the internet) and about women as well. This conference though, this reminded about the sisterhood of motherhood and the digital sisterhood/sorority that we've sort of formed. No, we're not all friends and some of us blatantly don't like others, while some feel there is a cool girls clique happening, but at the end of the day, NONE OF THAT MATTERED.
As Laura Mayes said during the opening keynote : forget about it. all of it. You got here. And that's all that matters. So enjoy yourself.

And I did.  For 3 days I talked, laughed, danced, cried, guffawed, learned, questioned and supported my fellow woman while I drank my fair share of champagne and let my tongue turn blue from cotton candy. It was marvelous and magical and all the things I imagined it would be. And then some.
On the way home we stopped at this cute little cafe Kitchen 56 we'd seen on the way to the hotel and since they had brunch, we decided to partake and ohmyword were we so glad we did! The food was A-MAZING. We all zeroed in on the chilaquiles and Lori and I decided to split an order since we also wanted the creme brulee french toast. Well the staff was so courteous and just all around awesome they went ahead and split the order for us. Meaning we each got our own plates of both options. No messy table splittage! It was kind of awesome. That the food was stupid good was just icing on the cake and made us actually look forward to the impending ride home.

So yeah, the road to Mom 2 was a little bit rough even though we did a good job of planning and coordinating schedules. But thank goodness we have partners who were able to hold down the fort while we worked on our craft but then again I guess that's what real life is like right? Sometimes it's a little rocky and things don't go according to plan but we adjust, make do and pull together to make it happen.
I think that's kind of cool.

Have you ever done a girls road trip?


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