Simple & Chic Mother's Day Brunch

* I was compensated by Fresh & Easy for this post but all thoughts and opinions contained herein are my own. 

We all know that on mother's day there is nothing us mom's love more than to be doted on. But that doesn't always happen. From the moment we wake up (which is hopefully later than usual ) we just want to not have to do anything. Going out for breakfast or brunch is ideal but if you've got small children (or just a toddler ) that may be more trouble than it's worth thusly making 'your special day' not so special. Because of this I thought I'd invite my mama friends over for a little post-mother's day brunch. No kids, no worries, just us, catching up on one another's lives without having to scream scold someone for climbing on the couch.
We like to get together for coffee as often as possible but with our busy schedules it's just not always possible but sometimes, I can get them all in one space and when I do, I go all out and brunch is ALWAYS a good idea.

Fresh & Easy made it ridiculously easy for me as they already have a great selection of items from fresh flowers and fruit, to fresh squeezed juice and an assortment of baked goods made fresh every day. So that practically makes it the perfect place for me to shop right? Y'all know how much I love one stop shopping when it comes to my groceries and I was loving how much great stuff I found. I may or may not have gone a little overboard with all my ideas (because PINTEREST) but I love my ladies and spending time with them sans kids is a rare thing so when we do get together I like to make it special.

I've learned over the years that flowers are really the most simple yet most fabulous decor you can use to spruce up any table setting so I definitely wanted to use some my decor. But since I'm on a budget and dealing with time constraints, a trip to the flower mart was not in the cards but, I was happy to see  a variety of bouquets for me to choose from when walked into the store and I knew I could buy several and break them apart  and remix them (shhhh!) to maximize my dollar and y'all, I had a hard time choosing which ones I loved the most. I have since decided I absolutely need fresh flowers in every room in my house every week. Well, in a pinterest perfect world maybe. Anywho.

I think some of the best breakfasts are the simplest and because I also have kids to drop off at school and not a ton of time in the mornings, I'm all about the quick and easy while still being yummy and catering to the ladies diverse tastes. That the baked goods are made fresh daily is kind of a cool bonus and I'm impressed with the variety of options for the many dietary restrictions and was a bit overwhelmed as to what to finally decide on. Muffins seemed like the way to go as I could pick from an assortment of flavors and we absolutely could eat 3 different kinds of blueberry muffins so yeah, that was going to happen.


I figured sausage was easy because I would be making bacon for the kids anyway and I could just keep it warming until the ladies arrived and muffins and donuts obviously pair well with coffee which is always in abundance, and what's brunch with out champagne?

A sad, sad, breakfast that's what. I thought the grapefruit juice would be a fun twist to the usual orange because mimosas yo. And I can't even pretend like we're not going to polish off a whole bottle of champs while still having quite a bit of juice leftover. It's just how we do.

Yogurt is also one of my favorite go - to's for brunch as you can easily do a build your own type of bar with a mixture of fun toppings from fresh fruit and granola to chia seeds and carob chips if you're into that sort of thing. Some of my friends are. So I try to be considerate of that and have more than just sweet treats on hand for those who are trying to eat a little cleaner or may have health concerns.

And as much as I love serving my friends and doing nice things for them, let's be honest, no one wants to have to do the dishes after an event, so you can bet I'll be using the cool compostable, gluten free "paper" goods I found for a steal! Because for as much as I don't want to wash dishes, I also don't want to be responsible for the destruction of the rainforests so yeah. I try to do my part.

Not going to lie, this trip actually got me looking forward to Mother's Day and spending time with my lovely mama friends. It's great when you get to spend time with the people who made you 'mom' but it's just as awesome when you're able to enjoy time with those who understands what it means to have that title. 

How will you celebrate Mother's Day?


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